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How To Make More Money

by Aidan Siperke 3 years ago in self help

This story will teach you how to manifest great riches and luxurious opportunities into your life!

Do you want to know how to get ANYTHING you want? Do you seek riches and wish to live a life of abundance? You can have anything you desire and it all starts with a thought. (This article has the power to change your life. As the information within it has changed my life.) A thought becomes a want, a want becomes a wish, a wish becomes desire, and once you desire something enough you can convince your subconscious mind that you already have that desire. You are a piece of the great creator, and you are a powerful being. Your mind is an extremely powerful energy source, and the thoughts within your mind are pure energy. It is a known law that energy will attract likewise energy. Therefore, the dominating thoughts in your mind will attract similar energy and your thoughts will begin to become physical reality. It sounds crazy but it actually works! It takes very minimal effort to use this to your advantage. All you must do is use positive affirmations to influence your subconscious mind and watch what you think about very carefully. The more you practice this act of using your thoughts to your advantage the better you become at it, and eventually you will realise your full potential and be able to create a lavish life. Your thoughts will become reality. This goes for negative thoughts as well, a negative thought will manifest in your mind just as easily as a positive thought. Think of your mind like a garden. If you ignore the garden it will wither and weeds will very soon start to sprout, but if you nourish the garden like you will nourish your mind with positive thoughts then it will begin to grow into abundance.

It is very important to know exactly what you want. The more definite you are with your goals the better your imagination will become and the easier it will be to use your new power of attraction. Yes, power, once you have mastered this power you will appear to yourself and others to have super powers where u can create anything you want by thinking about it. If you are working at a job and you wish to make more money you cannot merely think, "I want to have more money," you must be definite with what you want to have. for example you could think, "I have a salary of (insert amount of salary you wish to have)." It is very important to say and think your goals like you have already accomplished them. Your subconscious mind cannot differentiate from the real or unreal, it cannot tell the difference between a real event that played out during your day, or a scenario that you create in your head, so if you imagine yourself already in possession of the amount of money you wish to acquire your subconscious mind must realize that as fact and begins to work to bring it into physical existence. Choose a couple of thoughts you know will be beneficial to you if you think them for a long time. Choose three to five of these thoughts, and remember to think and say them like you have already accomplished them. Say these thoughts aloud to yourself throughout your day, repeat them with confidence and emotion. If you are around something that is negative and not a good influence on your mind simply begin to think about the thoughts you have chosen. You can control which thoughts you allow to reach your subconscious mind, you can choose to reject negative thoughts and accept the positive ones. Your subconscious mind is truly the most powerful thing mankind has ever known and once you begin learning how to use it to your advantage a whole new world of possibilities unravel and you can, literally, begin to change the world you live in through your thoughts.

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Aidan Siperke

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