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How Self Care at Home Can Make You Happy

True happiness is not a destination, but a process

By Mary Poppins PursePublished 3 years ago 3 min read
How Self Care at Home Can Make You Happy
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Practicing self-care at home will make you feel happy and what you have to do is simple. By taking better care of your body, mind, and soul, you welcome positive change in your life at all levels. True happiness is not a destination, but a process, and self-care offers you the key to access it. Whether it’s about drowning the day’s worries in an endless hot bath, caressing your beloved pet, or just opening the windows to let the fresh air in early in the morning, we all know how it feels to be happy.

We are happy when we are comfortable. Self-care at home is easy and convenient, as it allows you to be in an intimate environment you already know very well. Your most comfortable clothes are probably not street-wise. However, no one will judge you if you do your yoga routine while still in your pajamas, or if you replace your cinema visit with a home habit.

For someone with a family and a career, most of the day is spent pleasing others and doing something for them. Self-care has the merit of reminding about what is truly important. The first person on your list should be non-other than yourself. Practiced in moderation, self-care doesn’t mean you are selfish or narcissistic. It means you know you are first responsible to look after yourself.

Self-care at home reduces stress levels by switching off the state of alertness the modern lifestyle inflicts upon people. Simple pleasures like waking up late on Sunday or wrapping your hands around a cup of hot chocolate have the effect of annihilating the fight or flight response blamable for some many of our woes. For mild cases of depression and anxiety this is the most effective coping strategy. Look at self-care as your pledge not to allow stress levels to get out of your control and force you to make bad choices.

For most of us, a full day of work leaves our inner batteries depleted. There simply isn’t enough will to get on with a hobby or advance on a long-term life goal. Something as simple as switching to a healthier diet, cutting on TV time, and engaging in 10 minutes of stretching everyday can immediately tap into resources otherwise unavailable. Self-care at home is miraculous in replenishing the body with energy and the mind with enthusiasm and motivation. You can see self-care as giving back to your body after demanding so much from it throughout the day.

The human body is similar to a car, in the sense that it needs regular maintenance to work properly. Extending the comparison, the same way not all issues require you to go to a mechanic, you can deal with small health problems on your own. Even better, you can take the preemptive measure to discourage them in the first place. Self-care at home is your ticket out of a vicious cycle of destructive behaviors and the negative consequences that build up.

Self-care is miraculous when it comes to boosting self-esteem. Nothing increases confidence like treating your body as temple. Although we like to hide behind the evidence, physical appearances do matter in our society, and we are constantly being evaluated and compared. Feeling better in your own skin is a key condition for success. While traditional self-care geared on the body is usually done at the spa or beauty parlor, most of the rituals can be replicated in the comfort of your home. You can always ask your spouse for a massage. Add some essential oils, hot stones, and a couple of candles, and you can recreate the intimacy and harmony of the finest resorts.

Happiness is often about being grateful for what you have and stopping yourself, at least for a brief while, from chasing the allusive carrot paraded in front of you. Most of us are stuck living in the future, forgetting how sweet and enjoyable the present can be. Something as simple as retreating to a quiet space and breathing more profoundly can help you banish all negativity and make you feel at peace. Acceptance for the life you have is a crucial step to avoid emotional burnout and taste real happiness.


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