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Being Over Life & Moving Beyond Negative Cycles

Rising Out of the Murkiness of Life

By Mary Poppins PursePublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Isn't it amazing that at least one time of our lives we had such high hopes for our futures? Remember all of your adolescent dreams?

BUT then reality hits you with seasons of life when you wish you never had been born!

Then you come out of that phase of time. You made it and are somewhat okay. Then another season like that comes and you survive and continue on. Then another cycle, so on and so forth! Eventually, those cycles make you feel absolutely exhausted. You have lost a lot of motivation for just the day today! Not just from the attack on your emotions, but physically everything has drained your energy.

It is impossible to go through life and not have hard times, but to STAY in cycles meant to wear us out or break us is NEVER OK!

How do we march ourselves out of exhausting cycles, that makes us wanna give up on life?

Let me give you ideas personal to me.

Admit to Yourself How You Really Feel

Sometimes it seems that people think if they mentally and emotionally deny or ignore how they really feel, it will make things easier. But that only makes you sick. Physically sick. High blood pressure, heart problems, migraines, anxiety attacks, and the list goes on a lot of times can be initiated or stirred up by the emotions we are harboring.

It also might cause you to manifest unhealthy behaviors in other settings to the point of potentially messing up crucial relationships and opportunities.

Just being gut-level honest with ourselves brings a certain level of relief.

Who? What? & Why?

I often see life as a play with various scenes, settings, and characters. In all of that, I like to try and understand who? what? & why? Of what is going on!

What is contributing to life being so strenuous, oppressive, and destabilizing? Sometimes, it has been because I have been my own worst enemy. Other times it has been the trickiness, control, and the woes of others tied to my life.

There have been times where understanding the timing of things, has made a detrimental impact on things! Moving too slow or moving too fast added more trouble than necessary.

OR! How about being cornered in tight situations where people pull the rug from under us, just because they have the power to do so? I have been there a few good times!

There could be a plethora of reasons or scenarios that equal cycles of life dangerous to our wellbeing and future! We MUST become an investigator of our own lives when things FOREVER keep going wrong.

Are we tolerating any form of abuse? Are we willingly letting people take advantage of us? Are we taking care of everyone else and not ourselves? Are we letting others make decisions for us? Are we not seeing (or ignoring) signs of when it is time to shift our lives in a new direction?

The list of questions can go on and on! But, if we don’t ask them we may never confront the reality of what is REALLY going on and keep going through unhealthy cycles.

Take Time to Figure Out What to Do Next

Ongoing cycles of difficulty are usually layered and not tied just to one thing or one person! It might even seem like a ball of yarn tangled up and you just don’t know what to do! Do the easiest thing first.

In my personal experience, a number of times that has meant shutting out certain types of voices. There are people who add to stress levels, simply because of what they talk about, or how they talk! It’s negative, oppressive, demanding and continuously slanderous.

If you have people like that closely knitted to your life, it is highly recommended to minimize that dynamic! I found when I begin to minimize or even eliminate such voices, life starts to get easier.

Are there certain commitments you don’t need to be having right now? Chuck them!

If there are controlling people in your life who threaten to no longer pay your bills, kick you out, or fire you, shut that down. Before their next threat, find a way to get the power of what they hold over you out of their hands.

Be Consistent

Your life is worth it. Your future is worth it. Your peace is worth it. So, start this model as a new and positive cycle; 'til you are FREE and have the peace of mind that is waiting for you on the other side.

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