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How Secure is Security?

“The Security Blanket” Complex

By Annie Edwards Published 5 months ago 4 min read

"There is no security on this earth. There is only opportunity."

-Douglas MacArthur.

The Security of Feeling Secure

We ALL long for some sense of security in our lives. It is what makes us feel stable and balanced. It is what allows us to function better in our day to day lives.

When we don't feel it, we can too often find ourselves placing blaming on whatever we can find as the scapegoat.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is that we can too easily incorrectly attribute that lack of a feeling of security with our inability to discover that secret "source of our happiness." Yet, actual security and true happiness, much like anything else we seek, can only be discovered if we are on the right path to get there.

Ponder This…

Here is a misconception I oftentimes fall victim to:

"If only things were different, life would be easier. I would be happier."

But the question is, would I actually be more happy? Am I merely writing a “grass is greener on the other side narrative” that doesn’t actually exist?

“The grass isn’t greener on the other side. It is merely another shade.” -Annie Edwards

By Yulian Alexeyev on Unsplash

Personal Struggles

Personally speaking, I constantly find myself saying that if only I were more financially secure, things would be so much easier for me. I would be given more opportunities, making my path to happiness and success more attainable.

Yes, there is validity in this statement. An unfortunate fact of life is that your financial wealth can help provide more opportunities. Being able to afford what I deem as helpful to move forward in the pursuit of my dreams could make things easier.

Not stressing over bills would be more relaxing. It would allow my to feel less overwhelmed, leading to a domino effect of possible positive outcomes, including more motivation to seek/ more easily accomplish those dreams I am pursuing.

However, as unfortunate as it is that things such as finances do play a huge role, there are some other important factors to keeps in mind.

  • Could that form of security I am seeking (in this case, more financial security) change life as I know it? Quite possibly. Just remember, no change to guaranteed to come exactly as you envisioned it.
  • Would this form of security help me become more successful? It surely helps my chances. However, it merely provides the chance. I am not guaranteed more success because a circumstance presents itself. I must utilize it in order for it to be of any possible help to me.
  • If it is provided, and I do utilize it, how can I be certain that it will actually be helpful? How can I be certain that it won't lead me down a much different path? How do I know that it is indeed the path I should be on?

We wouldn't be seeking the answers to life if we knew exactly how it would play out in each scenario. To pretend that we would benefit from such foresight is merely doing a disservice to ourselves.

However, I have learned that I, like many others, sometimes place too much emphasis on something that is not actually feasible. I place my faith upon insecure foundations, and lose a little more of it each time they buckle. Then, with a feverish insecurity and a destructive lust to find something stable to lean on, I hastily disregard the lesson that has just been presented to me. In my ill-navigated quest for security, I become more and more insecure. It’s a detrimental, viscious cycle.

Bottom Line

Security is an illusion that we have conditioned ourselves to seek.

Consequently, it has become our crutch to alleviate all of the harsh injuries that the reality of life brings upon us.

We have become brainwashed into thinking that without the proper "assistance," we will be unable to reach our potential. We will be unable to attain that ultimate happiness.

However, security is merely a socially accepted mirage; a utopian reality that we have created in our heads that we seek for a sense of comfort.

The unfortunate truth is that the search for this security can actually lead to the opposite consequence. Success seems much more unattainable without this notion of security (whether that be financial, mental, physiological, etc). The person who doesn’t think they are capable likely will not be if this “security blanket” is taken away.

But the reality is…

Life happens.

Unexpected events occur.

Tragedy strikes.

Life ends...

This is a sad reality until we realize what we can control and what we can gain.

With every life circumstance comes an opportunity to respond.

That is one constant that will always exist, and therefore one you can securely rely on.

This is much easier said than done. I have to remind myself of this on a daily basis, and thoroughly explore each situation as I come across it. I have to constantly ask myself questions to remind myself of the choices I do have.

  • Every time I get down, am I going to spend my time chasing something that doesn't actually exist? Or am I going to use what I have to create what I can?
  • Will I chase those opportunities that do exist?

That choice is mine.

The choice is also yours. It is ours.

It won’t be easy. In fact, remembering this truth is something I have to work on daily, as I see daily situations that directly challenge this notion, making me question it, as well as further questioning myself.

And haven’t we been programmed to jump to a “seeing is believing “ mindset?

However, our understanding of sight isn’t perfect.

Some things that seem visually pertinent actually block us from seeing the whole picture that is lying behind it, just out of our current line of vision.

In fact, it isn’t until we finally understand that insight is also discovered by exploring things that cannot be seen, like our inner core, that we will truly understand the nuances of “sight.”

Daily Quote/ Mantra

“There is infinite beauty to be found.

You merely need to look around…

Perception will help break those bounds.”

-Annie Edwards

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  • Angie the Archivist 📚🪶5 months ago

    A thought provoking article ✅ ‘ With every life circumstance comes an opportunity to respond.“ So true!

Annie Edwards Written by Annie Edwards

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