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How Meditation Boosts Your Mental and Physical Health

by Prabhleen Gupta 6 months ago in self help
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We know how important it is to eat properly so that our body is full of energy. However, did you ever think of feeding the mind?

We know how important it is to eat properly so that our body is full of energy. However, did you ever think of feeding the mind?

Above all, in these times, where routine forces us to deal with different challenging circumstances, we must know what influences our health.

Sometimes, making a stop on the way to ask about our health is necessary. Above all, if we understand it as something that goes far beyond the absence of diseases in the body and transcends to being a lifestyle that implies the management of our emotions, the care, enjoyment, and progress of our family and social environment, labor and community.

As much as you try to hide, what you feel inside is what you will outside, the image that others will take of you. So, the best you can do is feed your soul to achieve that physical and mental well-being, so let's discover how to feed the soul and the body with good habits in the following lines.

What are we talking about when we talk about meditation? Meditation consists of exercises that help connect the breath, the body, and the attention to generating a feeling of general well-being.

Two types of meditation are interrelated:

Formal meditation

It is the exercise of guided meditation, which connects the breath, the body, the consciousness, and the attention. It also generates good feelings and wishes.

Active meditation

It is about developing and sustaining the calm, clarity, and well-being achieved in formal meditation throughout the rest of our day.

Can meditation be the key to well-being?

Well-being is living fully, giving the maximum potential and being good with our lives and what surrounds us. It is associated with four levels that intertwine and communicate with each other: the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual.

The physical is the one that we are more in touch with, and we tend to relate our body feel good, rested, and vibrant.

Mental well-being is linked to clarity and mental balance, a good relationship with our thoughts, and feelings of peace.

On the other hand, emotional well-being is closely related to the mental and feelings of gratitude, happiness, and empathy with oneself and others.

Finally, spiritual wellness requires a deeper connection to our beliefs, our values, and ourselves.

Meditation as a habit defines our lifestyle and achieves a balance among each of these layers.

What is a habit?

Each habit is born from small decisions that, repeated, are strengthened in behavior that forges a certain result. For this reason, habits have the immense power to improve the individual and collective life experience, especially since none happens in isolation. They are interconnected and by feeding one, you are probably nurturing the other, like a chain. For example, practicing physical activity leads in many cases to eating better.

In other words, we can say that the human being is a composite of body, soul and mind, where the body is the vehicle of manifestation, the soul -our spiritual state and the mind -the connection between both.

How can we develop the habit of meditation in modern life?

The lifestyle in big cities often leads us to naturalize not having time for ourselves. Today, the constant use of technology and confinement reinforce the need to want to find ourselves, connect with each other and with nature. Meditation allows us to channel that need and use it to our advantage.

The main thing about formal meditation is to reserve a place, day and time and, in this way, make the practice prosper. It is essential to find a space that is, in some way, sacred. It can be anywhere, although it is advisable that it be a quiet place. We can also help ourselves with headphones and use nature sounds to mitigate noise. As for the schedule, it is advisable to do the practice at the beginning of the day or at night before going to sleep.

Regarding active meditation, it is about practicing being attentive to what happens to us on a day-to-day basis, learning to feel our body and interacting in the best way with each situation that comes our way.

Use meditation according to the need of each

When starting a new habit, it is very important to have certain motivations and avoid contradictory thoughts that challenge that motivation, such as lack of time, thinking that we are not doing it well or that it is not the right thing for us.

Meditation can be a tool to develop a stronger personality, which is built up with the different aspects of the identity that we want to form, for example, being calmer, balanced, relaxed and able to enjoy life to the fullest. Once we visualize what we are and what we want to be, each day is an opportunity to show ourselves that this best version exists within us.

We invite you to do a guided meditation by clicking on the following link:

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