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Happiness is very simple

by Gloria Turner 2 months ago in happiness / self help / goals / advice
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Different people have millions of different feelings about happiness, I feel that happiness is very simple.

Happiness is very simple
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I think happiness never has anything to do with money, the only thing that affects happiness is the mind, happiness is in our lives, and it is easy to feel it.

Happiness can be in the moment of blossoming flowers, or the moment of falling leaves. Unhappy people will think that flowers will eventually fade and that falling leaves are a kind of sadness.

My aunt is a person who loves to dance, but when she was young her family was not well enough to support her to learn to dance professionally, so dancing is only a very amateur hobby for her, she does not have a beautiful dance, nor a charming body, nor a young look, her movements are not coordinated enough, and her sense of rhythm is not so strong, but she still loves She said she would feel like the happiest woman in the world as long as she danced, and she would smile beautifully and feel very happy as long as she was dancing, so what is happiness? For Auntie, happiness is to be able to dance every day, although others may not feel that the dance is not beautiful enough, the body is not sexy enough, it does not matter, for Auntie, she thinks she can dance is the greatest happiness.

Auntie's mentality is very positive, so her happiness is also very simple, as long as you can do what you like then is happy, but one of my cousins is a counter-example, she is through some things, only to find happiness was so simple.

My cousin is a very picky person, she likes to shop for clothes, but shopping has never met a piece of clothing she thinks is perfect, so then she often buys some clothes online, although the clothes have been carefully selected for a long time, and so she received after wearing a beautiful, but she always has to pick some problems, because this is her habit, she is used to Picky, either a little crooked buttons or some scattered threads, I feel that in her eyes there is no one perfect thing, and no one thing can make her satisfied. However, I think it's not that the things are not good enough, it's that the mindset is not good enough. So she often told me that she felt that her world was not happy at all, because nothing could meet her expectations, she always had expectations and then disappointment, which only exacerbated the situation over time, so she also became more and more critical, more and more strict with themselves. Later perhaps she also felt that this is not the way to go on, she began to try to change, with a forgiving heart to restrain their fussy habits, slowly she became better, and then her life has some happiness, no longer the same negative feeling, and we later in the exchange, she said that her life is now much happier, but also can buy beautiful clothes, no longer picky after she feels that life is a lot easier.

So in fact, as long as you change your mindset and face life with a positive mindset, you will find that happiness turns out to be very simple and the world is also very simple.

In life, happiness may be like a dog's tail, it will chase its little tail around in place, but as long as the dog runs forward, the tail will always follow the dog.

Many times it is not that happiness is too rare, but we think too much, are not willing to let ourselves go, not willing to make changes, we just head down and walk forward quickly, but do not remember to look up to see the beautiful scenery around. Happiness has always been around you and me, just our complex inner temporarily dumbfounded our eyes, so that we can not find the existence of happiness, when we suddenly wake up will find that happiness has always been around us, as long as we are willing to find, happiness is very simple.

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