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Flowing With Grace

This Chapter of my life

By Isis Lyons Published 11 months ago 3 min read
Flowing With Grace
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For so long my life was in the depths of fire; I would get burnt with every corner I turned. Every move I made had my spirit screaming. Hell could’ve been the title of my coming of age era. I thought there were demons all around me, but when I looked in the mirror I realized I was as ugly as the devil. I cursed others with my words and my actions. I manipulated anyone to do anything I wanted them to do. I was a nightmare to be around and a disgrace to myself.

As I got wiser I realized that I was my own enemy. As I was my own enemy I didn’t realize it until I finally wanted to get better and become happier. It was easier to blame the people around me for being horrible than it was to blame myself. I’ve come to a realization the only person who needed to understand me and love me was me. I didn’t need validation, compliments and respect from no other. The love I’ve always been searching for has been my own. Now that I’m fully embedded in my love, nothing and no one can shake me. Right now my life is like sailing. I’m floating, going with the flow and allowing Divine’s grace to guide me. This chapter in my life is called Flowing With Grace. I know everything happens for a reason even if I don’t understand it at that moment. I know if you trust the Divine to reveal the truth to you she will. I know that life is a gift that keeps on giving. No matter what you choose to believe the Divine will support the belief. I know it’s up to me to make my life meaningful. I know if I choose to appreciate everything, everything will choose to appreciate me.

I desire compassionate individuals in my life, I desire experiences that will continue to bring me happiness and peace, I desire less stressful circumstances, I desire more love and I desire unconditional love. I know I can receive and embody all of these aspects of life. I’ve learned that I can attract all of my desires by embodying the feeling I want to have when I receive these desires. I’m thankful for this new found wisdom, I appreciate everything that I’ve been through, good and bad. Every situation I’ve ever been in has led me to this very moment.

When I worry and have concerns for the future I’m choosing to see the beauty of the present. There’s nothing I need that I don’t have already, there’s nothing that I want that I can’t receive right now. Patience has been one of the most beautiful lessons I’ve experienced in my whole life. Once I found patience I found compassion. Once I found compassion I found unconditional love. I used to love complaining; I thought it was the only way of communicating. When I realized it was ruining my life I began to hate complaining and I hated when others complained to me. Now I’m not bothered by complaining at all. I’ve learned how to appreciate it, but I’ve stopped complaining because I honestly have nothing to complain about. When I realized that Divine supports your every belief, nothing and no one could make me believe anything that didn’t support my reality. I’m going to always be in a loop of positivity no matter what mood I’m in. I’m always going to be able to see the bright side of everything I experience. This has always been in my destiny; to fully feel acceptance within myself. I appreciate all parts of myself; the good, the bad, the ugly. Every part of me is flawless; it’s flawless because I’m one of a kind. There’s no one who can mimic who I am; there’s no other like me.

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