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Five Common Questions People Have About Life Coaching That They're Too Afraid to Ask

You've heard of life coaching over and over... but what does it really entail? What is it like to actually work with a life coach?

By Amanda DoylePublished about a year ago 5 min read
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Life Coaching is a buzz term in the self-improvement community. Some of the most popular spiritual gurus swear that you need a life coach in order to succeed, and then even some life coaches would claim that a life coach isn't necessary for a successful life. Either way, there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to life coaching.

In this article, we will examine five common questions that people have when it comes to life coaching but may be too afraid to ask.

What exactly will my sessions entail?

People have a lot of confusion when it comes to what exactly they will be doing in a life coaching session. People are a lot less likely to sign up for something when they don’t know what they’re doing. Therefore, the vagueness of life coaching can just scare people away.

Every single life coach that you work with will do different things in their sessions, and it’s up to you to do your research to find out what kind of coaching the coach you’re interested in performs. After all - the most important thing when it comes to life coaching is a good connection and relationship between the coach and the client.

Some coaches may give you homework to take home, some will prefer to talk about the topics in session. Some coaches only work in group settings and some coaches only work one-on-one. Some coaches have a program that they work through, and others prefer to talk about whatever comes up. Either way, expect to do a deep dive into who you are and what drives you. If you’re curious about what your life coaching sessions will entail, don’t be afraid to ask the coach.

Is the coach just going to lecture me and tell me what to do?

If your coach is constantly lecturing you and telling you what to do - they’re not the right coach for you. A good life coach will NOT tell you what to do. They will instead help you question your life and your choices, so that you, yourself, can find the answers and figure out what to do on your own.

A life coach is not there to lecture and control. They are there to support and guide. You made a mistake? It’s okay. Let’s talk about what you learned and how you can move forward, instead of worrying about the actions that you can’t change.

Again, a strong connection is the foundation of successful life coaching.

What is the goal of my sessions?

You’re not going to want to sign up for life coaching if you don’t know what the goal is. People usually want to know if they’re working towards something, or if everything they’re doing is for no effort.

Again, every life coach will be different. If your life coach hasn’t offered one already, ask for a session to set up a plan for the remainder of your sessions. However, your coach shouldn’t leave you hanging and will usually let you know what the goal is with your sessions.

Be honest with your life coach if you feel unsure about where your sessions are going. Their job is to make you feel comfortable with a mutual agreement and plan.

How much work is expected of me?

You may be wondering - will there be homework? This depends on the coach themselves and how they do their coaching. Some coaches give homework and some don’t, it all depends on the coach.

However, there will be commitment involved on your part.

You will be required to step up to the plate if you feel like you’re ready to change your life. Life coaching is simple, not easy. This means that you may know what the answers are and what you have to do, but it’s not going to be something that just comes naturally. It’s going to take work.

The good news is that you have the capability to do any work that is expected of you. Life coaching is a commitment, but if you’re wanting to work with a life coach, you’re probably more than ready to make the commitment and do the work that is expected of you.

How long am I supposed to work with a life coach?

You may start life coaching sessions with high hopes, and then start to feel discouraged after working through a few sessions. Sometimes, in a slump, you may feel like you should quit working with your life coach. Things may be getting hard and you may want to give up.

But here’s a trick - you will know in your soul and intuition when it’s time to stop working with a coach. You’ll get a tugging feeling… the same kind of feeling that told you that it was time to start working WITH the coach in the first place.

A lot of coaches will have a program for you to work through, and when that’s over, you’re done working with the coach. Some coaches will even set out a specific number of weeks to work together. Usually, there’s a contract involved. This contract may say how long you’re set to work together.

But basically, in your gut, you’ll know. You’ll know if it’s time to move on. Just learn to trust.

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A life coach is not someone that is meant to intimidate you.

A life coach can be your biggest supporter and mentor. They can be one of the people in this world that you trust the most. They can be your #1 fan and cheerleader. But they will never try to control you or bring out the worst in you. A life coach is the one who opens the umbrella for you on a rainy day.

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