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Finding Myself

by taki 4 years ago in self help
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My Process on Finding out Who I Am and What I Could Do

Description of where I was

I am new to this website and wanted to publish a test article to learn how this website works and to learn more about the culture. I felt that this would work well.

I plan on publishing more content, but for those who wish to know more about me then I would to make it available.

This article will be about me trying to figure out who I am. The length of which, I do not intend on monitoring.

The main reason I wrote this is for motivation to really find out who I am. But the possibility of someone gaining something from my words and applying it to their life to finds out exactly who they are, then there is no harm in it, right? I would hate to miss out on an opportunity, what ever it is.

Defintion: Me

Sometimes when I have moments to gather my thoughts, I start thinking about my life and what I want to do with it. I love my life. I believe I have a good life. Not everything was handed to me and I learned very young that I will eventually have to fend for myself, a trait I hold close to myself. Along with having to fend for myself, I tended to care more about myself than others.

Now, that is not always a bad thing, but I feel that my selfishness is the building blocks of my personality.

With this selfishness, the intense care I want for myself, I learned that I need to make my life last long term, both worry and stress free.

I figured that the best way to keep myself healthy and in top shape, was moderation.

The Importance of Moderation

Moderation as I have come to define as, "not too much, not too little." This trait is by far my most valued trait. It has treated me well and helped me find answers to problems and questions that there may not be many answers on. Topics including:

  • Social Interactions
  • Health and Diet
  • Education
  • Anything in General

I have come to moderation over time because of warning labels. It's funny isn't it? The base of my personality built off of warning labels. However, it was what the warning labels represent. Warning labels everywhere say things like:

  • "Take X at least once a day."
  • "Do not take X no more than three times a day."
  • "Stay 3 feet away away from the ledge."
  • "Do not enter."

These warning labels represent guidelines of where to be and what to do. Helps informs you on the sweet spot of what works. With finding the sweet spots of the topics list listed above the warning labels, developing a way to find a sweet spot to help you succeed, live a healthy life, and be successful is what I believe will help turn you into the best person you could be. This however, can only be figured out over time and with experience as in topics where there is no set answer as to what you should do and with the fact that every single person is unique, figuring out what moderation is to you will take time and experience to develop.

Not only has my selfishness lead to a trait of moderation, but also has lead into ambition.

The Confidence of Ambition

Ambition has been specially hard for me myself to moderate. My selfishness and ambition has combined into high confidence of myself in everything I do. With this, I know I can succeed and do well.

My confidence does not come artificially. I am knowledgeable in the basics of a variety of topics and in depth on some. Learning new things has always been a staple of my mentality. With more knowledge, I can connect and relate things to each other to find proof and answers for questions I may not know.

My confidence in my potential successes always push my ambition forward. I want to be the best at everything. I want a future for myself, but I do not know what my future is just yet. Currently, I am figuring that out. Every opportunity available, I have to take. Who knows? Maybe one day I will strike gold and find out exactly what my future has in store for me.

To help find opportunities available that I can take advantage of, I am open to taking risks and expanding beyond my comfort zone.

Going Out of My Comfort Zone

Everyone has that atmosphere that just feels, "normal," while everything outside of that may frighten them as they are different from what they are used to. Like everyone else, I as well had an atmosphere that felt "normal" to me.

My comfort zone used to have solid borders. I only wanted to do things that I was comfortable with doing. One day, I came to a realization that there are so many other things happening outside of what I see. Opportunities I am missing out on that I could enjoy doing.

With this realization, I broke out of my shell, knocking down the borders I had, by doing one thing out of my comfort zone, a dance battle. This opened so many possibilities to me. The possibilities were not even involved with dancing. It was just that it helped me realize that I need to experience everything outside of what I usually do to really figure out who I am as a person and to figure out what I want my future to be like.


As a person, I moderate my actions except for my highly confident ambition in many situations both inside and outside my comfort zone. Built from selfishness, I believe I turned a bad trait to have into a useful tool as to making me have a better, happier life.

If you have gained anything from reading this, please let me know by tipping me and I will be sure to write more content.

Thank you for reading!

Words of Advice

This section is devoted to the phrases and sayings that I aspire to have apart of my personality. Keeping this here for record that way I have place I can reference:

  • Take advantage of every opportunity
  • You will regret more on the choices you don't make than the choices you do make
  • Try new things, get out of your comfort zone
  • Never stop learning, learn as many skills as you can
  • One day, you will regret not starting that project
  • Don't get brought down from other peoples' words, use it as constructive criticism
  • Take risks: Big risks = Big rewards
  • Exist open minded
  • Tolerate everything
  • See the other person's point of view when arguing
  • Come to a compromise when no solution is available
  • Make sacrifices for others as long as you both benefit
  • Don't let other people slow you down, leave negative atmospheres behind
  • Do what is best for yourselfd
  • Live without stress or worries
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About the author


High School student from Central Washington who is in the running start program (taking college classes instead of high school classes). Always to trying new things

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