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Feeling Unproductive or CAGED?

How to set and keep Goals and avoid that caged feeling.

By Bruce Curle `Published about a year ago 4 min read
"CAGE" Photo by Warren Curle Yale, B.C. 2022

Sometimes our daily routines or lack of routines can make a human feel defeated or "caged" by design, thought or circumstance.

An example is putting a task or household job off until it becomes critical or overwhelming. An example would be fixing a fence in the yard; instead of making a plan with tasks to make this job reachable and not a pain, you leave it until it collapses in your yard or, worse, the neighbour's pool.

Other examples could be ignoring the noise your car is making and turning your music louder and louder to avoid hearing that noise. Until one day, the vehicle stops on the highway and requires significant repairs.

By Donny Jiang on Unsplash

Your tasks or things you want to do might differ, but we all have things we like to do, should do and eventually must DO! In the following paragraphs, we will explore ways to make these tasks a little easier and maybe put a little pride and amusement in them.

One way to do this is to put a Task or Job board on your refrigerator. Why do I suggest the fridge? It is one place everyone in the house will go to at least twice a day. Below is a simple example of a way to set the board up.

Job / Task How did it go? Completed or Notes

The Job or Task could be to remove boxes from Garage.

How did it go? Boxes are secured in the back of the truck.

Completed or Notes. Going to Dump this Thursday.

At times you might find you have a Task or a Job that requires more than slow steps to achieve, or this Goal will require a Gigantic Leap to complete this Task / Job / Goal successfully.

Now you must brainstorm what Gigantic Leap I can take.

Your Goal could be a vacation you and your spouse have dreamed of taking.

The Gigantic Leap could be opening a separate account that withdrawals a certain amount of money from your regular accounts. It could be as little as fifty dollars a month or more.

Above, you have found two possible ways to meet your goals and do your tasks more productively. We will now look at that beast I like to call "EXCUSES!" Whenever you try to complete a task or meet a goal, that evil Blob called "EXCUSES" may appear.

Did you know that Big Blob called "Excuses," has an evil cousin called "BUT"?

Below are some of the examples you might notice plague you in your daily life.

1)But it is too expensive

2)But I do not have Time.

3)But I tried it six years ago, and it did not work.

But I wouldn't say I like doing that.

But I am tired!

But it could be crowded!

Now let's change this negative "Buts" from excuses to challenges.


1) Price rarely goes down in the economy. Consider changing your spending habits to start saying for that dream vacation today. Not going out for dinner twice a week will more than makeup for this expense.

2) Make Time, instead of two hours online every day, take a half-hour off to put your recycling into the truck.

3) That was the old lazy you six years ago. Today you are more confident, more goal-centred and a conqueror. You can do it!

Now take a moment and figure out how you can destroy those other three "BUTS!"

We have looked at jobs and tasks to help us reach our goals. We have also looked at ways of making gigantic leaps to help achieve our goals.

By Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

We have also looked at positive ways of dealing with "Excuses" and "Buts."

I wish to examine one more way to help you escape your prison. For you to completely break free to have a long-term goal ready. This goal may take a year or longer. (Think back to our holiday saving account.)

Looking at this Holiday Saving Account. The long-term goal could be

By Georgy Trofimov on Unsplash

Romantic Cruise.

Ways to reach this Goal

Short term goals

$50.00 per month in account. **Though a short-term goal each month, it will help reach the long-term goal of about (1) year.

By Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash

Twenty minutes per day on an exercise bike. **Though a short-term goal each month, it will help reach the long-term goal of looking amazing for that dream cruise in about one year.

Garage Sale, Cash made goes to Holiday Account. **This one-time-a-season task will help you reach your long-term Holiday Goal.

Skipped meals out, those funds go to Holiday Account. **Avoiding the traps of going out will save you amazing amounts of money over a year period.

Check Passports eight months before the trip and make sure they are up to date. **Though this might be a one-time Job or Task, it is a MUST if you're leaving your country!

By Joshua Sukoff on Unsplash

Ask friends and relatives for gift cards for groceries or cinemas to limit your spending and direct more funds to this Holiday Account.

These short-term goals could go into your Job / Task Board.

Special Note - The Holiday Account is just one example. This could have been a Home Reno project, car repairs or a trip to your sister's wedding.

Special Note II - Using a whiteboard on your fridge is a good way to meet the goals of your busy life. Try it for a few months, and please let me know how you are succeeding.

Authors Note

Thank you for reading "Feeling Unproductive or CAGED?" I look forward to your thoughts, comments and success stories. Bruce Curle has successfully completed Master's Courses with the Transformation University of Florida.

Bruce Curle 2023.

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    Good article. Thanks for sharing.

Bruce Curle `Written by Bruce Curle `

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