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Family Division

by: Nerissha Hunt

By Nerissha HuntPublished about a year ago 3 min read

There is so much division among families today. There used to be a time where something happened, and families would come together. I thought division only happened in math equations.

Families used to call each other when something happened. Whether someone was sick, somebody died or there was a family emergency. But now, people pick and choose what family member they call, text or whatever form of communication that they choose to use. It has gotten so bad that people have even gone on social media to say rest in peace with a picture of their family member. That’s not the proper way to inform your family that someone has passed. What happened to a phone call?

Then, you have text messages. Text messages are meant for basic communication. Texting each other to say someone passed is beyond crazy. Who does that? I’m sorry but I cant get with that. To each his/her own.

Then, like I said, there is social media. Yes, people, I took it there. Who in the world goes on Facebook and says, rest in peace to their family member expecting everyone to know that this person has passed away? Now that’s just plain wrong. But it happens. It’s not decent and it shows a lack of respect.

It’s upsetting because phones were made for a reason. Use them. And another thing that gets me is this: How come you didn’t tell me uncle, cousin or aunt so and so died? There is a lack of communication somewhere. Somewhere during the years, there was a disagreement or disagreements, and it broke the family circle. This shouldn’t be a why didn’t you tell me because all of us should know.

A broken family circle is hard to heal. And the sad part is, one person can destroy an entire family bond. One person can call a family member and say the most awful things and call this one, this one, this one and this one to the point where before long, everybody is at each other’s throats or just simply comes out and says I hate you or stops dealing with one another.

Another thing that can break the family circle is jealousy. I’m sorry ya’ll but nobody in a family should be jealous of another person’s house or car or anything else. We are all afforded the same opportunities to work, go to school and better ourselves to make our lives better. Some people watch life pass them by and then get mad at everybody else for doing something good in their lives. If I get blessed, you should be happy for me. If you get blessed, I should be happy for you. I should not be jealous of you and you should not be jealous of me.

If one family member makes more money that another family member, so what? It’s not the end of the world. We should not be at each other’s throats because of that. You mean to tell me that you love money more than you love your family? It’s sad to say that but some people do.

No matter what circumstances take place, who has done the most for who, you’re still family. Stop trying to outdo one another, say all what you did for somebody and love each other. Life is too short to be blaming each other for stupid stuff and trying to make yourself look good for taking care of a family member who couldn’t take care of themselves or that still cant take care of themselves.

What I mean by that is, when people get down and out or sick, do your part. If nobody else does anything, who cares. People don’t need to know everything you did or are still doing for somebody. Everything isn’t meant to be told, especially in a family. Keep it to yourself. I don’t care if I helped somebody for 5 minutes compared to your 30 years, that 5 minutes could mean more to that person than your 30 years simply because that the person can sense the spirit that you have. They know if you are doing something from your heart or because you are doing something because you feel like its your obligation.

To conclude my story, I say this: Families are divided, and everyone will always have their own feelings about things. But, at the end of the day, family is all you have.


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