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By Mamsys Consulting Services LtdPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

The widely accepted definition of “Excellence” is “The quality of being outstanding or extremely good”. The word may appear as superlative; however, another belief is that the level of excellence today in any field may be superseded by a new level of excellence in the same field tomorrow. Truly though, this is a multi-dimensional concept that goes beyond this three-dimensional world around us. Indeed, this goes even beyond space and time. All this is intriguing enough to instigate the search for the real meaning of excellence.

The level of excellence varies from one living being to another living being, from place to place, from time to time, creating a multi-dimensional aspect of “Excellence.” These very thoughts make the concept of excellence overtly complicated. One comes across this intricate subject’s beautiful description in these Bodies of Knowledge (we may refer to these as the oceans of wisdom without boundaries) known as the “Upnishads”. A step towards creating awareness about excellence is to believe in the “Karma” theory described in the spiritual collections. Even the slightest thought of performing/doing any task draws mind’s attention towards “How?” part. There are multiple levels from where one can see this “Karma” happening. (Everything in this world occurs twice: once in the mind of the doer and second when the doer does it) This way, every level of visualization provides at least one opportunity to refine the process of performing “Karma”. Senses derive any physical work, so if there is work, then senses are at work for sure. Even if someone is sleeping, senses are still at work. This fact calls for channeling our senses in the direction where excellence will eventually be part of the doer.

We all play the roles that are picked by us, and nature always allows every individual to choose a specific role. The cherry on the cake; each individual has the choice to change roles anytime and any number of times. It is all about earning all the deeds during this journey of life through these myriads of roles one chooses, that decide the individual’s future course. That is nothing but the “Karma Theory” described beautifully in one of the Indian scriptures, Gita.

This concept enlightens the person with the ways to control the actions through intellect and practice. This practice involves performing an individual’s duty without worrying about success or failure, i.e., practice the art of remaining neutral. As we say in the corporate world;

1. Capture the best practices of a successful outcome and repeat the same for future endeavors wherever feasible

2. Conduct the root cause analysis of failures and learn not to repeat the same for the next set of activities

Karma theory essentially helps to learn the art and science of focus or concentration. That would eventually lead to excellence. This theory also guides the subject towards performing tasks without getting attached to them and encourages them to develop the required Emotional Quotient to bring all the efforts to fruition as per the nature of Karma. This concept helps invoke the idea of having one goal and direct all the energy towards activities required to reach this one goal. Karma theory calls to develop strategic thinking and create a well thought out strategic plan of actions that ensures the implementation of the right set of tools and techniques during execution.

Karma-Yoga as defined in Gita: “Yogah Karmasu Kausalam.” Kausalam means displaying skill and prowess while performing in a particular field, which leads to developing our understanding of Yoga as doing tasks skillfully. The deep inside this concept is the hidden phrase, “Loosely Coupled and Tightly Integrated.” The evolution of Modern architecture of systems also mostly follows this principle. This approach often creates a conundrum of sorts in the minds of intellectuals working in the corporate world. That’s where the Karma-Yoga comes for the rescue, which leads to the concept of performing Karma without attachment. This technique inspires individuals to be socially connected, i.e., perform his/her duties towards all connected persons (family, friends, and community) and organizations, while focusing on the actions based on strategic thinking to achieve the individual’s goal with excellence.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s try to bring out excellence in ourselves by focusing on our Karma and relish the successful journey to the ultimate goal.

Journey to inner peace!

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