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Discovered your inner talents

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By Wong ShahrulPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Discovered your inner talents
Photo by Birger Strahl on Unsplash

A lioness passed away while giving birth to a cub. Coincidentally, a herd of sheep happened to be passing by, and the cub accidentally joined them. The sheep took him in and raised him as one of their own. Growing up among sheep, the lion cub came to believe that he, too, was a sheep. Living with the sheep, he adopted their vegetarian diet and happily grazed on grass. He had no knowledge or awareness that he was actually a lion, not even in his dreams. As time went on, the cub matured into a magnificent young lion. The sheep had grown accustomed to him, just as he had become accustomed to living with the sheep. However, one day, an old lion attacked their herd.

When he spotted the youthful lion amidst the cluster of sheep, he couldn't believe his eyes. It was something he had never witnessed before; he was astounded to see the young lion peacefully grazing among the sheep. Not only were the sheep unafraid of the lion, but they were also oblivious to its presence among them. He momentarily forgot his intention to capture a sheep as he resolved to apprehend the young lion and uncover the reason behind its behavior. The old lion launched an attack on the flock in an attempt to seize the young lion. Upon witnessing this, all the sheep frantically fled to save their lives. The young lion, too, fled to protect itself. Although it proved challenging to capture the young lion, the old lion managed to seize it. Speaking to the young lion, the old lion exclaimed, "You fool! Why are you running away from me?" The young lion, filled with tears and sorrow, pleaded, "Please, release me! I am but a poor sheep. Allow me to go." Trembling with fear, the young lion bleated, attempting to mimic the behavior of a sheep.

By Adam Bignell on Unsplash

The old lion quickly realized what was bothering him and forcefully led him to the lake. The young lion resisted and was reluctant to go, afraid of facing death. Despite his cries and pleas, the old lion persisted and brought him to the silent lake, resembling a mirror. The old lion compelled the young lion to look into the water, directing his attention to their respective reflections. Looking at his own image, the young lion was astounded to see that he didn't resemble a sheep, but instead, a true lion. It was at that moment that he understood his true identity. With a mighty roar, the young lion's newfound realization reverberated throughout the forest, causing the sheep to scatter. He was now a completely transformed being, no longer bound by the false notion of being a humble sheep. In the absence of this self-imposed limitation, the young lion could sense a peculiar energy within him, one that had lain dormant until that very instance. The once weak and meek sheep had shed its former demeanor, replaced by an overwhelming sense of power.

Now there is a profound message concealed within this captivating narrative. Consider the untapped talents and capabilities that may lie dormant within you. You may very well be akin to a lion amidst a flock of sheep, who, through their influence, have led you to believe that you are far less than what you truly are. There will always be individuals in your vicinity who seek to undermine your abilities and persuade you that you are incapable of achieving anything in life. Unfortunately, you may have even begun to adopt their mindset. Yet, while residing amongst them, it is imperative that you rise above the sea of such individuals and acknowledge your authentic potential. Once you have recognized the dormant lion within yourself, no force will hinder your progress along the path to triumph.

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Hi! I'm Shahrul.

I'm a full-time chemical blender, mixing raw materials to produce and sell. I'm living in Singapore a good yet boring country, boring=(for those aged over 40) [{-_-}] by this age you have gone places, done things enough.

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