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Dear Christian, Think!

Thinking is not a crime

By Ernest Kobby BaahPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

What often many Christians don’t realize is that a lot of what makes one abled enough to handle issues of accurate doctrinal teachings aswell as being able to decipher between what is truth and what a lie is is predicated on how much of reflective thinking you are able to do with Gods word.

Many of us simply don’t engage our minds the way we are suppose to when it comes to Gods word. Deception is always much easy to perpetuate when the victim is not an avid thinker. We must permit our minds as often as we can to glide through the theological and philosophical realms of Gods word and and His nature.

Our thinking minds are assets God created intentionally for a purpose and for a reason. If it wasn’t a necessity He wouldn’t have embellished our heads with it. I would understand why when it comes to the church and spirituality people will choose to relegate thinking as a minority sport. It isn’t. It’s rather a core aspect of a Christians personality that they should be engaging on a daily basis.

If Christians like myself will pick up the habit of regularly going to church with the full complement of our working minds ready to think through thoroughly, scripturally, biblically and even logically on the words that are spewed out of our pulpits every now and then, I would think that we would make the needed progress we have been yearning for as a community. Shepherds will become more cautious and careful about consistently perpetuating garbage and passing it off as Gods word.

In some respects I admire Thomas Acquinas because he thought strongly the church of his day how that reason and the ability to think logically perhaps was not and could not be an enemy of revelation or 'spirituality' as we will understand today. He believed that in order for Christians to have the full experience of what real Christianity is they must learn to discover the synergy between reason and faith. I use reason here to refer to one’s mental thought ability.

The only reason why a church or congregation will watch on as mummified zombies whiles lies,deception and error is perpetuated without them lacking the impetus to question errant doctrines and theologies is simply sometimes because they have been deprived of the gift of thinking. They have been indoctrinated to believe thinking in any capacity within the four walls of the church is rebellion of the highest order and deserves abrupt excommunication. A questioning man is a thinking man. Isn’t it interesting that many times the disciples of Jesus will come to him with questions that bothered them hoping that they would glean some answers from Jesus. Why ? It was simply because as much as they loved Him and even to some extent trusted Him they had deep contemplations and thoughts about pertinent issues that they had to put up questions to Jesus.

Even the overly righteous Pharisees and go by the book scribes were not left out. Have you ever wondered what exactly was the contention between them and Jesus. Why it seemed as though even though they all spoke about the same God they could not agree. It was predicated on the fact that these Pharisees and scribes believed they had accurate knowledge of the scriptures and from many years of memorization, practice and teaching others there was no way they were going to allow some guy who claimed to be God bring in something foreign to what they had imbided for years. And so what did they do they questioned Him. Even though ofcourse they had misunderstood their own scriptures the fact of the matter is they were willing to think through the words of Jesus and level at Him questions that they thought needed addressing.

From today begin to make some good music with your mind and think as a believer. Thinking is not a crime.

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Ernest Kobby Baah

I’m a firm believer in what the message of the cross can immensely accomplish in an individuals life if he or she is willing to submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

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