Dare To...

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What Legacy Will You Leave?

Dare To...

Every year I put out a challenge to all my family and friends and those I’m connected to on social media. I call it “My Dares.” Here is a recent list of those dares:

  • Dare to change yourself. It’s the easiest way to change things around you.
  • Dare to know more about the things you desire than the things you fear.
  • Dare to ask the Universe, for every solution you seek is out there waiting to be invited into your life.
  • Dare to have every word you say and every thought you think make greater the silence which they fill.
  • Dare to find the holes in your heart and fill them with grace.
  • Dare to let ego go and let wisdom flow.
  • Dare to listen to the silence. It’s amazing what you can hear!
  • Dare to let go of that which you cannot control for it will bring you much inner peace.
  • Dare to make a difference in the life of someone every day, for it makes a difference in your life.
  • Dare to look at how much we are alike so that our differences disappear.
  • Dare to stop running from things that are not even chasing you.
  • Dare to believe that the heaviest loads deliver the greatest rewards.
  • Dare to traverse the lowly valleys as they are part of the high road.
  • Dare to guard the most sacred place in the Universe—your mind.
  • Dare to add up your blessings for that is the only arithmetic that matters.
  • Dare to travel outside your comfort zone for that is where the real magic of life exists.
  • Dare to discover the inner peace of the child you were.
  • Dare to be student and teacher and have the wisdom to know when to show up as each.
  • Dare to live your purpose for you will never lack passion.
  • Dare to realize that wherever you are, you can be in heaven.
  • Dare to never go wrong by doing anything for the right reason.
  • Dare to look from your heart for that is perfect vision.
  • Dare to use your last ounce of effort as it will usually tip the scale of success.
  • Dare to find the balance between letting it happen and making it happen.
  • Dare to keep curious as the learning curve never flattens.
  • Dare to love you as your first love should always have been you.
  • Dare to care but also to act!
  • Dare to become all you can be for isn’t that all there is?
  • Dare to climb that mountain and risk a fall.
  • Dare to stop taking sides and start creating solutions.
  • Dare to lift another for you will raise yourself.
  • Dare to laugh lots and live large!
  • Dare to be fearless and flourish!
  • Dare to have your walk through life leave a trail…

Now, here is another challenge, a rather large one, about the kind of life you will lead. It’s called…

The Legacy You Leave

All You will leave behind for the world to remember is Your Legacy, so ask yourself…

Will you have earned the respect of your peers and the admiration of your critics?

Will you have acted humbly at the peak of success and graceful in the face of defeat?

Will you have kept your childlike wonder and reveled in the beauty of the world and the small miracles that each day brought?

Will you be remembered for how often you laughed and brought smiles to the hearts of others?

Will small children and the elderly have been overjoyed to be around you?

Will others have trusted you with their innermost secrets?

Will you have forgiven and offered heartfelt apology?

Will you have looked for the very best, and done your utmost to build worth, in others?

Will you have fed a hungry child or clothed a naked man or given hope to a stranger in dire need?

Will you have left this world a better place by the life you have lived?

What Legacy will You Leave?

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Rick Beneteau
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