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Command Your Wealth , You Shall Be Rich

by Estalontech 3 months ago in success / social media / self help / quotes / happiness / goals · updated 3 months ago
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But If Wealth Command Us, We are Poor Indeed

Command Your Wealth , You Shall Be Rich ,But If Wealth Command Us, We are Poor Indeed

When it comes to matters of riches and poverty, those who are wealthy have the perception that they are in command of their own fate, whilst those who are poor think that their destinies have already been predetermined for them.

The concept of a person’s life unfolding as if it had been planned out in detail before it began is referred to as “predestination.”

The concept of destiny, as well as the assumption that it is predestined by some kind of higher authority, has a long and illustrious history.

As a consequence of this, a lot of individuals think that supernatural forces have some kind of impact on their lives. If one’s actions are not in accordance with the will of God, then none of those actions will be productive or beneficial.

People who are wealthy tend not to believe in the concept of a predetermined future, which allows them to create an incredible life for themselves.

They, on the other hand, are of the opinion that one’s own actions are the primary contributors to one’s life.

If you wait all day for the giant fruit to fall into your mouth while remaining immobile, you will be disappointed since nothing will happen.

The present placement of everything will remain unaltered until you make any appropriate adjustments to it, at which point it will immediately be updated.

Money is Best Learned Before Its Earned

To put it another way, a body at rest will stay at rest until an external force acts on it, whereas a body in motion will continue to travel in the same direction it was going before the force was applied.

You are considered to be “at rest” when there is no external force operating on your body. This scientific portrayal is accurate even in the real world, and wealthy individuals make frequent use of it to further their own interests.

People who are wealthy often have the mentality that they are the only architects of their own lives. They are not dependent on the economics of chance or even knowledge since they are in control of their own destiny, which they have taken into their own hands.

Those who are living in poverty, on the other hand, have the misconception that they are the masters of their own destinies. It does not matter how well they conceal themselves or what they do, their enemies will always find them in the end.

People living in poverty often have the misconception that they lead lawless lifestyles. Because of the very nature of their existence, it is very difficult to exert any kind of control on them. It is hard to forecast what will take place once they put their plan into motion.

They pointed the finger of blame at everyone else whose life did not go according to plan, from the economy to their career to their family, as a consequence of their own shortcomings, but the reality is that their own lives did not go according to plan.

People who are wealthy tend to see the world in a different way than the rest of us. In real life, one strategy often leads to another, and the cycle continues from there. It is possible that the outcomes will be favorable if sufficient preparation and execution are carried out. There is no question in anyone’s mind that they are willing to accept complete responsibility for the consequences of their conduct.

If you continue to believe that it is something that only occurs to you, there will come a day when you will understand that you have lost the ability to make change and no longer have command of your life.

This day will come when you will realize that you no longer have control over your life. In contrast to those who are economically disadvantaged, who see themselves as helpless victims of the environment in which they live, men who are wealthy accept responsibility for their own actions.

If you want to become financially stable, you need to adopt the mentality of wealthy people. Take into consideration the idea that you, and not other people or things, are the ones in command of your destiny.

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