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Clutter brings me joy

how clutter core can have the same affect as minimalism

By Christina EpperlyPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Clutter brings me joy
Photo by Jessica Kessler on Unsplash

I am going to start this off by saying that I love stuff. Now, that is not a big secret. You could easily come to that conclusion yourself if you were to see my room. There are many items and collections that take up all the space on the shelves, the tops of two dressers, a small chest of draws and a desk. My idea of wall décor is to cover the walls in as many pictures, postcards, drawings, ticket stubs, greeting cards, souvenirs and various other items as possible. When I first heard about minimalism, I knew that obviously it was not for me and that people who practiced minimalism would be overwhelmed by the way my bedroom looked. However, recently I learned that my room follows an aesthetic that is opposite to minimalism called clutter core. I was surprised to learn just how many other people enjoyed living in beautifully cluttered rooms. When I first looked at pictures of other’s clutter core environments, I felt like I was looking at pictures of my own bedroom. As I scrolled through the images, I saw many familiar things such as walls that were completely covered in various decorations, stacks of books on the floor, items lined up on windowsills, and overstuffed shelves. After looking at these pictures it got me thinking, the people who practice minimalism often talk about the mental health benefits that it brings them. However, speaking from personal experience, the truth for me and others is that having a cluttered room can have the same positive mental health benefits as minimalism does. As cluttered as my room is, it is calming to my brain. My room is my sanctuary filled with all the things that I love. When I enter my room, I am immediately surrounded by positive feelings and good memories. All the things that are in my bedroom collectively bring me joy. When I look around my room everything there helps me to relax and focus on positive memories. The various unique items that I have collected over the years are instant reminders of some of the happiest times in my life. When I am having a bad day or even if I am having a good one, it is beneficial for me to have a place where I am surrounded in positive memories and many of my life’s highlights including vacations, concerts, my childhood, and the good times I have had with my favorite people. My room is a consent reminder that good days do happen and will happen again. All my items work together to help remind me that there is a lot of good in this world even when it many not feel like it. There is no arguing that life is a stressful thing. All of us need a place to go where we can feel at peace and escape the everyday stress that life brings us. What that place looks like is different for every person. Creating your own personal sanctuary is not one size fits all. Minimalism works wonderfully for some people and for others clutter core creates those same peaceful feelings. The most important thing to think about when designing your own space Is to decide what will truly work for you instead of following what happens to be a popular trend at the time. Having a room packed full of items is not bad or wrong. Having a room with little or no decoration and only necessary items is not bad or wrong. This is truly a case of individuality and for a lot of people their perfect aesthetic is somewhere in between minimalism and clutter core.


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Hello There ! I'm a blogger, writer and bucket lister! My bucket list has over 300 items on it. I am big believer in enjoying the little things in life. I also love collecting toys.

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