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Choosing and Changing Your Destiny, Parental Conditioning and Free Will


By Rahau MihaiPublished about a year ago 4 min read

Think of existence as a computer-generated artwork. Not a blank canvas, mind you—we're talking about a painting by numbers! Each of us arrived at this location with a special artwork that we would color ourselves using a set of colored pencils. Though we don't usually perceive it since our minds are too small-minded and self-centered to see such lovely things, each tiny painting (representing a person's roadmap for a particular lifetime) is a component of a wider image and all paintings are interwoven into the broader picture.

Let's continue using the painting metaphor while we think about a few crucial issues. First of all, everyone of us is working on a distinct picture, and we each have enough pencils to complete coloring our own painting by the time we pass away. In other words, you come equipped with everything you need to fulfill your destiny in addition to your destiny (your own painting by numbers) (all the color pencils you need are already given to you as a unique potential that you have inside you). Second, you might or might not complete coloring your painting during your lifetime. For instance, you might get lost and start working on someone else's painting; you might not find the pencils you need to color your painting (this can happen if you keep looking outside of yourself and/or try to steal someone else's pencils); or you might spend your entire life trying to find a different painting to color because you don't like the one you have; or you might spend your entire life trying to get a different painting to color

On the surface, this seems to be a warning to all parents out there: focus on your own artwork, not your kids'. This is a "do it yourself" project in its entirety. In order to avoid painting it yourself or attempting to replace it with an other (better, easier, happier) picture, do your best to assist your youngster in finding the pencils they need for their work. Finally, be aware of any goals you could be projecting onto your kids. Some people come here to observe rather than participate in activities (so their paintings are fairly uncomplicated).

Even while it may seem that you have no choice in the matter and that your life is simply predetermined, the fact remains that both the painting and the color pencils were chosen by your own soul, indicating that you did have some freedom of choice. Importantly, by consciously embracing the fate that your own soul already decided, you may change this circumstance into free choice right now. Decide to create a painting of your own today using your chosen colors (your unique potential). "Hearing the call of your soul" or "aligning with destiny" are terms used to describe this. How do you go about that? Exercise reflection, prayer, meditation, and introspection. Calm your thoughts. Being thankful Additionally, don't forget to seek treatment since it might be a lifesaver if everything else fails.

It's interesting to note that your soul didn't just choose your artwork randomly. It also picked the parents you were born to and were raised by. Your parents are merely modeling self-love for you, as are all the other essential people in your life (because they truly reflect you). Our internal problems with our parents manifest externally, and we love them because we love ourselves. We accept ourselves totally when we accept our parents, who we already picked on a spiritual level (with all of our shadows and dark places). Choosing and accepting your parents and loving them for who they are as they represent you and all of your darkness that conditioning attempts to hide is the second step in exercising conscious free will today. They are there to help you learn how to love all of yourself (not only the "good" parts that you often put on display). Again, doing so involves engaging in introspective, reflective, meditative, and spiritual activities. Calm your thoughts so you can hear your spirit. And if you're unable to accomplish it on your own, get assistance by going to counseling.

Since conditioning is nothing more than an effort to cover up the shadows, accepting your parents will not only help you love yourself, but it will also begin to break down the conditioning (of fear, anger, jealousy, inadequacy, etc.). The third and last component of your free will comes into play when you begin to let go of your conditioning. You may now choose how you want to color your artwork. You have the free will to make your sky pinky-orange if your parents told you the sky should be blue but you see it as partially pink and partially orange instead (as long as you have those color pencils in your tool kit, of course, but remember that you can also make pink by mixing red and white; likewise, you always have access to orange by combining red and yellow... infinitely possibilities some might say, as long as we are free of our conditioning).

In summary, you cannot choose a different painting for this lifetime or different parents, but it is entirely up to you how beautiful your soul-selected picture will seem after your life is through. You can combine colors and make new ones anyway you wish, and you can decide which color goes where. However, you don't begin with this free option. Instead, you begin by loving what is first in order to dissolve the conditioning. And the more you cherish the way things are, the more freedom you'll have to act differently. therefore don't push back (for what you resist, persists). Simply embracing and appreciating what is the only way to fully access free will.

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