Changing or Choosing?

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The choice we all must make

Changing or Choosing?
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Recently, I went back to my old house in South Carolina and spent some time with my father. I was surprised to see that the room that I spent many teenage years in was just how I left it. Nothing had moved. Nothing had changed. Everything had remained the same.

My father had gone out of his way to make sure that the room was left untouched. All the notebooks were still there. The comic books, the video games, the movies, the clothes. It was like yesterday.

I tend to make many videos online and one individual sent me a message. They said "You have a smoke alarm in the background that needs to be tended to. Do you realize that?" I had no idea! I'd had no idea that there was any alarm beeping in the background.

Putting Off Problems

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” ~Andy Warhol

Whatever we are not changing, we are choosing. Not only had the room remained the same, but even the smoke detector that had been there years prior. I checked the label. It had been over seven years that the smoke detector had been installed. Meaning it had been beeping for years!

I had become desensitized to it, to the point that I couldn't even hear it. It took someone online to allow me to realize what was going on inside the house. It took an outside perspective to bring my focus to something that was occurring inside. So this thing had been beeping for over seven years and no one had bothered to reinstall it. Not even to put in fresh batteries.

The longer that we neglect things in our lives. The longer that we put off problems that may be flashing or beeping warning signs. It starts to become our new normal. It's like the things in your mindset. If you neglect the things in your mind that aren't serving you. Your subconscious mind will filter that and say, "OK, I guess that's who they are."

If you say to yourself that you can't remember names, you will find you are unable. If you say you're bad with directions, you will always be. If you neglect to solve the problem, it becomes your new normal and that becomes a part of you. You just accept it as an inevitability. You accept it as your new reality.

A Fresh Start

“By changing nothing, nothing changes.” ~Tony Robbins

I urge you to check the fire alarm. Check the smoke detector in your life that may have been going off for years. Figuratively speaking. I looked up on Google and found out that these things beep when they need attention 30 seconds to every minute. Can you imagine something beeping every minute for seven years and no one has paid it any mind? No one has paid it attention? Could there be something in your life that has been going on for years that has not been tended to? That needs a fresh new battery pack slapped into it?

Maybe you need to revitalize or renew your life. To refresh in a way that will bring you back to center. What has become your new normal? As human beings, we can become accustomed to anything. We become accustomed to bad health. Eating food that doesn't serve us. We become accustomed to bad relationships. It can become our new normal. Being treated wrong by other people and accepting it. Never trying to correct the problem. Never leaving. Never bothering to to pursue anything else.

A poverty mindset or a poor outlook on life can become our new normal. We can get used to anything. But what if prosperity could become a new normal? What if abundance could become a new normal? What if wealth could become our new normal? What if good health could become our new normal? What if a gratitude filled attitude could become our new normal? An awesome body? Exercise? Feeling good and looking good? Having a wonderful perspective and outlook on life? We are human beings. We have the power and the capability to adapt to anything.

Anything that we neglect can become our new normal or anything we project can become a new normal. So what are you resonating? What are you radiating? The things that you want in your life should be of great importance. Project the life that you want to live instead of accepting the life that you are living today. If the life that you are living today is one that you are not changing, it is one that you are choosing, my friend.

Living Life on Purpose

"A year from now you will wish you had started today." ~Karen Lamb

Realize every day that goes by that you neglect becomes your new normal. Don't allow that. Don't ignore that smoke alarm. That smoke detector that has been beeping in the background. It may even be beeping right now as you read this. But I see you as an open minded individual. I know this why you're here. You wouldn't have made it this far if you weren't here on purpose.

Start to revaluate your life. Instead of watching that next TV program, pick up a new book. Start a business or a podcast. Create something. Impact the life of another while impacting yourself all at the same time. Start to design your life on purpose. To achieve your wealth on purpose. To recreate yourself if need be. Realize that what you are not changing, you are choosing. It might even take someone on the outside to point out to you what has been going on on the inside all along.

Jerome Shaw
Jerome Shaw
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