Don't Down Your Greatness

by Jerome Shaw 7 months ago in advice

Having the courage to shine

Don't Down Your Greatness
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There are times in life we crave a challenge. Have you found yourself wishing for a more fulfilling existence? Perhaps you have sold yourself short in the past, or just know you can do more today. Whatever the reason, there are times when we seek to turn things up a notch.

Lately I've been seeking the harder roads. Walking to places I could drive. Knowing that I could take the car, but choosing to hoof it on purpose. I enjoy the walks now. I enjoy the exercise. I enjoy the distance. One day I walked out of the house and got hit with this intensely frigid breeze. Part of my mind, in that instant, wanted to turn around. I paused and reflected on my moment of weakness. The moment where I'm thinking about going back inside. "Let me grab the keys and warm up the car." I thought. But then something tells me Just go. Don't think. Go now and use this as training.

Discarding Discomfort

"Do not pray for the easy life. Pray for the strength to endure the hard one." ~Bruce Lee

Quotes like these come to mind during toughs times. I've memorized so many over the years. This one in particular caused me to walk out into the street. I then heard the nearby sound of huffing and puffing. An older gentleman in shorts passes me in a brisk jog, listening to his music. It is at this moment I ponder, "What's your excuse?"

Often we think our reasons for cutting corners are valid, but most of the time our reasons are excuses. There is no difference. What seems difficult or impossible to you? There is someone in the world who sees that as easy. What seems like an incredible feat to you? There is someone out there who says that this is light work. Someone out there who could eat your discomfort for breakfast.

We as human beings are able to endure strenuous hardship, pain, magnificent things. Way more than we give ourselves credit. We often don't give ourselves nearly enough. Selling ourselves short in the pursuit of our own greatness. We count ourselves out before we even begin or even try. Before we have taken the first step, we say that we're not good enough. We do the dastardly thing and we disqualify our greatness before we even set out to find out how much we're made of.

How much are you made of, my friend? I dare you to find out! Inside you is a powerful individual waiting to bloom. Millions of people are aspiring to be all that they can be. Living unlimited lives. Pushing past what we know and perceive to be possible.

Grow Your Power

If you have read this far, that means you are someone like me who is seeking to go beyond what's possible. Keep going into the realm of the impossible. Keep chipping away each day at that comfort zone. Chipping away at what you think you need to survive. Chipping away at your ego system. Getting in touch with the ecosystem and understanding that all is connected.

In one of my favorite movies "The Matrix", a character named the Oracle said "The only way to get there is to get there." Wherever that is for you, I'll know you'll make it my friend. When you do, make sure to encourage others to do the same. Be all that you can be. Don't sell yourself short. Don't settle for less. You are larger than that. You are greater than that. Don't disqualify the power inside you. Give your power chance to grow and, when the winds of uncertainty hit you, JUST GO!

Jerome Shaw
Jerome Shaw
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