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by Vannahlight111 Ramos about a year ago in healing

Overcoming Emotional Abuse

I have been an introverted girl my whole entire life due to the emotional mental blocks I’ve gone through bullying and being emotionally abused. It kept me in the corner of being shy or basically frightened of society. All through elementary school, I was bullied by children and by an adult that married into my family that didn't advocate for me. Throwing stones at me would be her motivation to make me feel humiliated and degraded. Not once did this adult support anything I did but instead, put a child in front of family friends to humiliate to make sure she felt degraded. Made me feel like I was inadequate to do anything. I became furious growing up, still managing to keep my composure. I felt the need to impress everyone.

You are not alone many of us feel like this. But I’m telling you as soon as you decide to change your perception everything will fall into place. You will feel more at peace with yourself. We spend most of our lives impressing others, which is okay to a certain degree. However, not when we are trying impressing others and changing ourselves for circumstances that aren’t serving us. Change is a great tool to release what’s not serving you and letting go of people who don’t uplift you. I decided to change my circumstances and be around optimistic people who accept me no matter how far out my spiritual perceptions are or how I look. Now I’m like "I don’t care what anyone thinks" and it’s freeing.

I’ve decided to take this situation and turn it into something powerful inspiring. As long as we have self-love and start releasing the fears of what everyone thinks of us then we will be free. In that process, we must change the way we think in a positive light. Emotional abuse is not okay but if we empower ourselves we can eventually overcome these life events. However, in my journey, I feel like many of these obstacles have brought me to a metamorphosis state of mind and changed my life. I had to decide instead of shying away in the corner.

I wanted to speak my truth in how you don’t have to tolerate being in those situations you can speak out for positive things manifest positive situations. Many times we go down a rabbit hole in blaming others and dwelling what’s not serving us. When you have the power to say "I will improve my life, I will not sit in what’s not serving me I am a better person." I’ve gone through these motions, I understand what it feels like that’s why I took action in my misery and transformed it into something and aspire to become better the bigger person in my growth. In which I share these inspirational stories with you.

I use the power of manifesting to help share and shed light upon others. Turn a negative situation into a positive situation. We often view our negative situations as a messed up situation in which the present moment can feel like a constant revolving tornado spitting out its garbage at us as it derails us mentally. Not even realizing we are own self-destruction.

Buddha once said, "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned." I feel this statement rings true. So why dwindle in our own misery and change how we can look at our past to see that it’s more than meets the eye? You can see that you can become stronger more powerful by changing our negative perception to a positive perception. We can evolve our souls by changing to shed our past, learn and prosper, and share our experiences to help others to become a new and beautiful butterfly.

Vannahlight111 Ramos
Vannahlight111 Ramos
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