Be Rebellious. Love Yourself

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Break free of the mould.

Be Rebellious. Love Yourself

It is the norm today to not love yourself. In fact, it’s everything industries and the government bank on. I do not typically watch TV—actually, I haven’t watched actual TV in years. The other day, I sat down to watch a movie with my family, and on came the commercials. Truthfully, I had forgotten about them. There they were, though, still annoying, repetitive, and way too long. More so though, they were covered in passive-aggressive insults and supposed “solutions” to problems they love to convince people they have.

This year my hair has doubled in length. The secret? I leave it alone. I haven’t straightened or curled or blow dried my hair in longer than I can remember. However, one of the commercials that appeared on the screen did an almost perfect job of convincing me that I should be doing my hair everyday. That not doing it is wrong, and “unprofessional;” they also offered me a solution, a quick fix to my apparently devastating problem. It just consists of a highly priced iron and some miracle spray—and VOILA! I am acceptable to society again.


Let me tell you a secret: Hating yourself is making the government and all its industries filthy rich.

If everyone loved themselves, and treated themselves with care and compassion, this would be a very different world. If humanity could see that every being is just an extension of themselves, our society wouldn’t be so sick, so wounded, and so broken.

If everyone loved themselves, the makeup, hair, nails, brand name clothing, diet foods, cosmetic surgery, and hundreds more of these industries would go out of business.

If everyone loved themselves and saw one another as an extension to that self, there would be no violence.

No war.

No global warming.

No crime.

If everyone realized that the key to a whole, healthy Earth, is to love themselves (which don't get me wrong, includes keeping yourself accountable), the trauma and societal brainwash would end. Waking up and realizing that everything that surrounds you is simply a reflection of you—a lesson you are meant to learn—will save this planet because it will save you.

You are Everything.

You are Divinity.

We are all interconnected beings from a divine source. And so as long as we continue to believe we are separate, we will remain a cold and out of touch world, that will never find healing.

Be rebellious. Love yourself.

Fuel your body with the right foods. Listen to your intuition. Question what you are told. Question everything. Let yourself cry, god damnit, it’s okay to cry. You are not weak. You do matter. Trust your own experiences. Run without shoes on. Swim naked. Dive a little deeper. Find out who you are past all the labels. Appreciate your body. Seek out your own truth. Learn to purely, truly, love yourself.

Break free from the system. You are worth more than some idiotic solution to a problem that never existed. You are love. You are made of pure love. There is nothing wrong with you.

My hair doesn’t need to be fixed. It can be flowy, free, and beautiful. It can be professional. Your body fights for your life every single day, despite whether or not you care for it, whether or not you treat it right, and whether or not you love it. If that’s not unconditional love, then I don’t know what is.

Let’s turn it around. Let’s break free of the mould. Let’s be rebellious. In order to heal the whole, we must first heal each piece.

May we start to encourage natural beauty. May we stop judging others. May we stop encouraging product after product claiming to make us more acceptable to society. May we stop alienating the body; it is only skin, it is how we are born. May we start to cheer for those who are comfortable in their own skin. May we start saying “I love myself” without feeling shameful or embarrassed. May we support each other, build each other up, and learn from one another.

It is not too late. Stop consuming things you do not need. Turn off your TV. Go outside. Say “I love you” twice a day in your mirror. Healing your relationship with the Self will heal all of your other relationships too. It will change how you interact with people, it will change how you see the world, and it will change our brainwashed society.

If everyone treats themselves with pure love, and understands that we are all connected, then we won’t have to see another war. We won’t have to build fences, or walls. Once you discover just how connected we all are, you will question how you could ever have been so lost.

It is the norm today, to not love yourself. Normal is boring. Be rebellious. Love yourself.

It will heal the world.

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Love & Light

Faith Summer
Faith Summer
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