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Be A Threat!

To keep my sanity, I turned into myself to find out if I was insane. If what I was doing was wrong.

By Annelise Lords Published 4 months ago 4 min read
Image by Annelise Lords

I wasn’t born from love, and I was raised in a culture where no one, I mean no one tells us that they love us.

But they have no problems showing us that they don’t.

Somehow, love found me. I think it’s because I managed to uncover Love’s secret as a child.

I understood the major difference between love and hatred. I witnessed it played out in the actions, choices, decisions, life, living, likes, dislikes, and all of what the humans around me did.

I saw the rewards too, both good and bad. I like the good rewards of love. So, the child I, decided to follow the rewards of the good, unaware of its intolerable pain.

The innocence in me couldn’t see or understand the cruelty of humanity.

As I grew, I fought the bad. The kinder I became, the more cruelty I was forced to endure and the more I was taken for granted.

I couldn’t understand why.

The more love I give, the pain multiplies.

The more honesty I give, the more I am cheated.

The more forgiving I am, the more humans give me reasons to forgive them.

The more patient I became, the more I was mocked.

The more understanding I give, the more I am laughed at and used.

The more positive I am, the more I am scorned.

As a deep thinker, I go into nothing feet first. They know I am wise, so they criticize me often, instead of learning from me, to be better than me.

I couldn’t understand humanity. All of what I gave was taken, used, and enjoyed, but I was punished.

To double-check myself and sanity, I turned into myself to find out if I was insane. If what I was doing was wrong. All of the good I do seem to have no value to the ones receiving it. That makes no sense to me.

Life reminds me of the results or what humans call karma.

I was OK.

I realized that their negative reactions weren’t intentional for some, but were involuntary.

I, with all my good intentions, was a threat. I was a light. Many humans are afraid of what the light will reveal.

The love I shared; I became a threat to the hatred in their heart.

You enjoy giving. They think you are wealthy and envy you. You are not. You want a kinder world, so you live it!

The kindness I give, I threaten the cruelty they intend to share with you, me, and our world.

Being understanding clears the way for more forgiveness. They were afraid I would find out things hidden deep within their actions, choices, and decisions they didn’t want me, you, and our world to find out. In my ability to be too understand, I became a threat.

Being forgiving, I threatened the pain their heart refused to release. And the secrets they want to stay hidden.

I like and want honesty, so I give and share it. I became a threat to their dishonest actions, choices, and decisions that they shared daily with you and our world.

You will get my best, no matter what you give to me. My best became a threat in many areas of their lives. They take and enjoy it, but only if they benefit from it. Since my best was a habit they knew success will be near by.

My patient heart threatens the anger they unleash on humanity.

Being wise, they fear me because I would figure out their evil intentions.

Being positive in a cruel world, I threatened their intentions to gain from your pain and sorrow.

I eased back from humanity and started showing kindness to others.

I feed birds; they serenade me every morning.

I feed dogs; they protect my property. Wag their tails when they see me and give me love and happiness.

I feed cats, my yard is lizard and mouse-free.

I water the plants. They grow, feed us, give us a cool breeze, shade from the sun, and clean our environment allowing us to breathe better.

None of these see me as a threat.

For 2024 be a threat to hatred.

Be a threat to cruelty.

Be a threat to war.

Be a threat to hunger.

Be a threat to dishonesty.

Be a threat to envy.

Be a threat to greed.

Be a threat to veil intentions.

Be a threat to impatience.

Be a threat to disunity.

Be a threat to anything and everything negative that threatens your life and our world. Be a friend to the good that heals and helps our world.

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoy it.

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