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Are you a tall person?

Story of James

By Vanitha SreePublished 7 months ago 3 min read

Once upon a time, in a small town, there lived a tall person named James. James was always the tallest person in his class, and he stood out wherever he went. While many people admired his height, James struggled with it.

Being tall wasn't easy for James. He had to deal with a lot of challenges that other people never had to face. For starters, it was difficult for him to find clothes that fit. Most of the clothes he found in stores were too short for his long arms and legs.

James often felt like he didn't belong, and he struggled to make friends. Kids at school would tease him, calling him names like "giraffe" and "beanstalk." James tried to brush off the teasing, but it hurt him deeply.

One day, James was walking home from school when he saw a group of teenagers teasing a boy who was even taller than he was. The boy was hunched over, trying to make himself smaller, but it was clear that he was in a lot of pain.

James approached the group and asked them to stop. They laughed at him, telling him that he was just as much of a freak as the other boy. But James stood his ground, refusing to back down.

The other boy, whose name was Adam, was surprised to see someone standing up for him. He had never met anyone who was taller than he was, and he was used to being the butt of everyone's jokes.

James and Adam became fast friends. They bonded over their shared experiences of being tall and the challenges they faced. They talked about how difficult it was to find clothes that fit, how hard it was to make friends, and how painful it was to stand out all the time.

Together, James and Adam decided to start a club for tall people. They put up posters around town, inviting anyone who was tall to join. They didn't know if anyone would come, but they were determined to try.

To their surprise, the club was a huge success. People from all over the town showed up, eager to meet others who shared their experiences. They talked about the challenges they faced and shared tips for finding clothes that fit.

The club was a safe space for tall people to be themselves without feeling like they were being judged or ridiculed. James and Adam were proud to have created something that brought people together and helped them feel less alone.

As the club grew in popularity, James and Adam decided to organize a fundraiser to raise money for a local charity. They planned a charity basketball game, pitting the tall people in town against a team of local celebrities.

The game was a huge success, with people from all over town showing up to cheer on the tall people. James and Adam were thrilled with the turnout, and they were even more excited when they counted the money they had raised for the charity.

In the end, James realized that being tall wasn't a curse, but a gift. His height had given him the opportunity to meet Adam and start a club that brought people together. He had learned that it wasn't about standing out, but about standing up for what was right.

From that day on, James walked a little taller, proud of who he was and the challenges he had overcome. He continued to work with Adam and the club, helping to create a community where tall people could thrive and feel accepted.

James had discovered that being different wasn't something to be ashamed of, but something to celebrate. He had found a community of people who accepted him for who he was, and he knew that he was never alone.


About the Creator

Vanitha Sree

I am a passionate writer.. I love to write stories that express the feelings of human. Interested in human psychology.

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