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A New Year in a New Age

by Nadia Iris 8 months ago in self help
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Resolutions for Real Rest

No matter which corner of the globe you occupy, no matter what religion, creed or culture you belong to, no matter your age, gender or star sign, every human being is aware that there is a shift - globally.

Things are changing. Whether you agree with the left or the right, whether you argue for the up or defend the down or even if you’re indifferent to everything… things ARE changing.

Actually, many (many) people have predicted these changes, in their own ways, from their own perspectives, some dating back hundreds of years. You’d think we would’ve been prepared. But the shock of the shift hit everyone, and it hit us hard.

Everything we knew about our way of life stopped, dead still, as the entire planet went into a global lockdown in 2020 and then we watched in awe as the domino effects of this halt filtered right into 2021. We adapted, we maneuvered and we worked around restrictions, a change in governmental power, working from home, face masks, very limited social time and red-list travel. While these changes brought upon us deep fear and a very real lack of hope for the future, it also showed us what a resilient species the Human Race really is - a quality, I believe, will be the foundation of our society in the new world.

The Shift is among us. Old systems are collapsing, making way for a new way of living. The way we view our governmental leaders is being altered, how we make our money is changing, and after millions of families have been separated all around the world, we are realizing what we deem important to us, prioritizing real connections as opposed to feeble quick-fixes we so easily attach to on the internet.

It’s no wonder that everyone is tip-toeing into 2022. One step at a time, we enter the new year with very little expectation, almost careful not to make any sudden moves. Most people are barely speaking their New Year’s Resolutions into being, either because the concept of time has our heads spinning (How is it the end of 2021 already? We’re all asking ourselves!) or because we’re weary of making any kind of plans, lest everything change in one moment, causing everything to come to a sudden stop or change drastically in another direction.

While the changes in everything on Planet Earth are becoming clear as day, it may not be clear to everyone that actually, there is a Cosmic Shift occurring as well. You could say this is just coincidence, but I wouldn’t. As the planet moves around space, lining up with planets in a way like never before, it has been understood that Mother Gaia is, in fact, shifting into a new dimension, preparing herself to receive and emanate more light energy. This information is complex and I’ll leave the details out. However, with this understanding, it makes all these changes, this newness, this unknown, less terrifying. It helps us understand that what we are going through is just the beginning of the end of the “Old Way” - which only means that something NEW, something lighter is coming into form.

It is without a doubt normal for us to feel a sense of doom. A lack of faith in our purpose. And even a lingering state of fear we just can’t shake. But knowing that there is a cosmic reason for what the planet is experiencing (at least in my experience) makes it bearable and easier to tap into a sense of hope and faith, and some days even curiosity and a smidgen of excitement.

Most astrologers believe we have entered into the Age of Aquarius. This means, energetically, we have shifted into a time where change is inevitable. A time where old ways fall, and new ways rise. An age in which humanity regains its individual (and collective) power. Where we begin to understand ourselves, our purpose and the real meaning we were birthed into this blue-green rock floating in infinity.

This is why, using the opportunity of the New Year’s Resolution Challenge, I’ve created a list of 5 resolutions we can adapt and put into practice in 2022. Ones that make sense with our current global (and cosmic) situation and ones that line up with the shifts-in-lifestyle we are experiencing.

5 Easy-To-Accept Resolutions to Adopt for 2022

  • Relax. Calm down. Chill.
  • Bring yourself (not your lifestyle, but YOURSELF) to a complete standstill. Stop dead in your tracks within your own being. Right now. Just do it. Stop. Deep breath in.
  • The first resolution is to become aware of your breath. Obviously, you know, (mostly subconsciously) that without breathing, you will die. Literally. In under 2 minutes. So, it goes without saying really that breathing and life go together like… well, you fill it in.
  • Breathing connects you to the present moment. It calms down your nervous system. It sends oxygen to your brain and the entire vehicle called your body. It brings your awareness back to Self, as opposed to being focused on memory (past) or imagination (future). Being aware of your breath brings you power. Try it. You will never have more control over your senses then you will when you breathe consciously. Your choices will become clearer.
  • Not only will your mind feel rested, but your entire body will feel rested too. Just 5 minutes of conscious breathing, brings about the equivalent of a 20-minute nap (sometimes more).
  • The very best part of the gift of breath is that no matter how many times you forget to be aware of it, you can always tune in. Always. It’s there for you whenever you remember, and the more you do it, the more available the choice becomes.


  • I hate to break it to you (not really) but the way in which we have been working is no longer feasible in the age we are entering. The 9-5 paradigm is slowly and very surely becoming old news. People are just, well, over it. We are beginning to realize that doing something we hate for 9 hours a day, for an average amount of money, to live a monotonous lifestyle is not worth it.
  • Follow your passion. Energetically, it is understood that the very idea of following your excitement is directly linked to your Life Purpose. Whatever brings you joy is what you’re SUPPOSED to be doing. That’s exactly where we’ve had it twisted. We push aside the things we enjoy for the things we don’t. Now, obviously, I am not suggesting you quit your job and live a hermit life off the grid. This is not possible for everyone. We have commitments, families, responsibilities – in most cases, leaving the system is just not do-able.
  • Before you make an unrealistic lifestyle shift, start following your excitement slowly, day by day. Make a conscious effort, daily, to do something you love. Pretty soon (shockingly soon in some cases), avenues will begin opening up for you to literally follow the path of your passion. Opportunities arise, you meet the right people at the right time… you get the picture :)
  • In the age in which societal roles are changing, we need everyone to be doing what they’re good at! (Which happens to be directly linked to what they love - dot dot dot -)
  • This is how ancient tribe members existed. The Medicine Man (shaman) was no more important than the Story-Teller. The Leader (guide) was no more important than the Cook. The Care-Taker was no more important than the Hunter/Gatherer. Everyone had a role to play based on what they were good at, based on what brought them joy. And after the activities, all would commune to celebrate. Whatever brings you joy, whatever excites you… DO THAT!
  • When we’re in a state of joy, our mind enters into a kind of relaxation state. 5 minutes of coloring in a mandala (if that’s something you’re into), for example, or making small animal figurines out of clay, is the equivalent to a 20-minute nap (sometimes more). Do what you love and you will always feel well-rested.


  • There, I said it. Whether you know it or not, you give off and receive energy. All the time. In every moment. When you ‘spend your time’ with people who take too much or give too much (or too little – it works both ways), it knocks you off your center. You are being pushed and pulled energetically by those who surround you.
  • Now instead of setting up camp in victimhood and building the board for the Blame Game, skip that part and walk straight into responsibility. You’ll have to get there eventually anyways, one way or another, so do not pass begin, do not collect $200 and go straight there!
  • The harsh (initially) and very real truth is that you are not for everyone (and wow did I learn this the hard way!) Some people just have to go. Not because they’re bad or wrong, but because your energies just don’t harmonize. Simple. You can hang on for dear life, if you wish, but you will ultimately realize that some people come into your life for a period, for a section, a phase, a chapter, a segment (I can use many synonyms here…)
  • And they’re there for a reason, don’t misinterpret. Lessons, healing, experience... this is the fun of life. However, in this new age, it is going to be imperative to find your people. If someone does not resonate with your new state of being, kindly turn the other direction. How they react will not be your consequence, only theirs. Granted, these people are draining you unconsciously, chances are they are completely unaware of what they’re doing, but this does not mean that you should be too. All this means is that they are just not for you, but for someone else. No one is meant to navigate this life alone. The human race is a social species, meaning we cannot survive without each other. We need each other. If someone is not for you, let them go. Let them go so they can find the people who are for them.
  • Then find your people! People who make you laugh, support your ridiculous dreams, present solutions, hold space for your healing… see you in your highest light.
  • When you surround yourself with allies, you automatically feel rested. You know those friends? The ones you can be in the same room with and not have to speak a word. Where you can get on with your activities in peaceful silence. Where the room energy is light and filled with ease. This feels very different to people who do not sync up with each other – the room energy is hostile and uncomfortable. Take responsibility! For I know you know the difference.
  • Spending quality time with a soul-tribe member - you’ll know who they are by how they feel – creates a rest period. You body naturally gives off endorphins, making you feel happy, calm and centered.


  • After a period of isolation, working from home, confined to four walls, it is a necessity that we get our bodies moving again.
  • I’m not suggesting signing up to a gym (the oldest new year’s resolution in the book…) as more likely than not, you’ll never go. Just be honest. Unless it brings you joy – then absolutely do it! (See point 2)
  • When we place our awareness on feeling fat, feeling lazy and try to whip ourselves into shape by running on the treadmill for half an hour after doing nothing for a year, we feel unhappy. And remember, feeling unhappy is the opposite of your Life Purpose.
  • The point is to move your body JUST TO MOVE YOUR BODY. Get in touch with your vehicle. This is the form in which you experience the world. How cool is that for real? If you’ve let yourself go, so to speak, during this pandemic, for the Love of God relax :) It’s okay. It’s you and everyone else. Stop beating yourself up.
  • You know your potential. You know when you’re feeling good and flexible and agile. Do things that make you feel like that. Just move. Move around. Explore your body. Don’t make it a thing – something you HAVE TO DO for an outcome. This is not long-lasting. Just move around, every day, as much as you can for as long as you can. And if you get tired quickly, even after 5 minutes, cool. Do more tomorrow. Observe your resiliency. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  • When we move our bodies, we exert energy. The stagnant energy we carry gets released, creating space within the body and mind for restoration. It gives the body a chance to receive new energy, lighter energy from the universal source.
  • It’s also proven that we sleep better if we move our bodies and if rest is a priority in 2022 (which it is), then you can see why moving your body has made it onto the top 5 list.


  • What does that even mean? It means be yourself. Which, to be fair, can be confusing if you don’t know who you are. And that’s okay. We’re here to remember, to discover who we are. And if you’re in the business of figuring out who that is, then being authentic is the quickest, surest path to get there.
  • It must be said, that being authentic does NOT mean standing in the street, screaming out your opinions because they’re yours and you are allowed them. I mean, I guess that’s an option, but it does invite debate, conflict and sometimes even violence into your experience.
  • The best way to feel secure, supported, strong, untouchable even, centered, calm, rested and stable is to be authentic. And that’s simply because you are unique and actually can’t help be authentic. What you love and hate, prefer and don’t prefer, agree and disagree to, is literally unique to you. No other being in existence has ever had those exact same preferences and never will. This is how cool the universe is.
  • It’s only when you adopt someone else’s opinion/belief that you disallow your own authenticity. But it is there. It can’t help but be. And if you choose the beliefs of others over your own, you’ll feel misaligned, exhausted and have a heavy feeling in your chest – which is the way your body tells you that it’s not authentic!
  • It’s easy to know the difference as well. If a belief is presented to you, how do you feel? Look to how you feel. It either resonates with who you are, or it doesn’t. And you have full power (and responsibility…) to accept it as your own or not.
  • Once you stop accepting the beliefs of others as your own, soon your own real, authentic, true-for-you beliefs appear. I’ll give you an example… There is a global belief that says: I have to work very hard, almost tirelessly, to make a small amount of money/to get what I desire. I accepted that belief as a child and lived a large part of my life to prove it. Once I realized that I was in control of my beliefs, I made a conscious choice. Should I accept this belief as my reality? I could… But how does it feel? Not very good. Okay let’s dig deep. What feels better? My desires flow to me easily when I follow my passion. Hmmm, that feels much lighter. So, I’ve shifted from:

“I have to work hard for money” to “Everything always works out for me” Or “I always meet the right people at the right time who appreciate my work.”

Some may say this is unrealistic and that this way of thinking is childish - not facing the horrors of reality. Or they just refuse to try it in case they’re disappointed. That’s completely okay. The ideas presented to you here, in this article, either resonate with you or not. You get to choose :)

Note: Sleep does not necessarily equal rest. Resting is being in a conscious state of relaxation, of letting go of thought, of aligning with the divinity within. Rest is not earned, it is deserved.

Along with these 5 resolutions, I believe it will be important in 2022 to exude the energy of kindness, understanding and harmony. None of us know what’s coming really. All we can do is wake up each morning and face the day ahead with as much faith as possible. Faith that there is light amidst the darkness and that if the door to our old way of life is closing then we must trust that a new door is opening. And remember to:

  1. Breathe consciously
  2. Follow your passion
  3. Make your circle smaller
  4. Move that body
  5. Be authentic

Wishing you a happy, healthy and well-rested 2022 :)

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