5 Tips for Creating Better Life Balance

by Mikkie Mills 6 months ago in self help

All things have their time and place. Balance is the key to a happy life.

5 Tips for Creating Better Life Balance

Finding a healthy balance is a concept that most people are familiar with. The question is, how does one achieve balance? What does it look like? If you are on the search to balance things in your life, here are five ways that you can start addressing the situation.

Take Time For Yourself

One of the most important things that you can do to find balance is to learn to take time for yourself so that you can have an internal understanding of what balance is. Balance looks like different things for different people. If you are feeling slightly off, chances are some area of your life are taking more precedence than others. The only way that you can figure it out is to take a few minutes, hours or even days and really look at your life. What is not fulfilling you? Are you too busy? What can change and how do you make that happen? Taking time to unwind is just as vital as putting in the effort to get everything done.

Learn to Say No and Delegate

If you want more balance, you need to stop taking on activities that you can’t handle. It is okay to lend a hand when you are able, but don’t enable other people and put yourself at risk for burnout. Simple things, like delegating chores that you really don’t have time to tend to, can make a big difference. Looking for places to delegate? Just go on Google and type up “lawn maintenance near me” or something of the like. Ten to one, you will be able to hire someone to take care of menial tasks at a reasonable rate.

Manage Your Relationships

Relationships are one of those concepts that can throw our life balance off. When we are met with expectations of other individuals, it is easy to forget about our own needs and wants and focus on theirs. We can only handle what is on our plate. If we don’t stay in our own lane, we tend to take on things that we cannot control. Maintaining balance in our lives means establishing boundaries with others. It is okay to say no. It is important to have relationships with people. They can be the first ones to call you out when something doesn’t seem right and when your scales are tipped. Foster good relationships and learn to let toxic ones go.

Creating a Healthy Environment

Both your home space and your work space need attention. If you are surrounded by clutter, no matter how balanced you want to be, your disorganization will prevent that. If you are not detoxing, decluttering and keeping things minimal, you are spending more time on cleaning and forgetting where things are, which affects your balance. Also, try to make each space a place of sanctuary. Bring some positivity into your space. Allow yourself time to make it a place you want to be in, not just another obligation. Surround yourself with affirmations, and figure out how you can arrange things so that your normal routines will flow a lot more smoothly.

Don’t Worry About the Little Things

All too often, it is easy to get caught up in the little things that really don’t matter. When you start worrying about the fact you didn’t get the dishes done or that you didn’t exercise for your twenty minutes that day, it compounds. Pretty soon all that little stuff that you are worrying about becomes big stuff. When trying to find a healthy balance in life, it is important to understand both your priorities and your boundaries. Know what a must is, what is a can, and what is a want to. Balancing these three things in your life will allow you to let go of unnecessary fret and will allow some openness for things to even out.

Of course, there is no magical solution to finding balance. The key is to be able to find what works for you, and to catch yourself before life becomes too hectic to even know what is going on.

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