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5 Simple Habits You Can Start Today

Let's talk about those habits that we don’t hear a lot of people speak about

By Juan CienfuegosPublished 2 years ago 6 min read
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As you may know, currently I’m focusing on creating simple but effective routines, habits, and schedules to make my life a little easier, and today is just a step forward to accomplish that goal.

Today, I’m going to share with you five little simple habits that you can implement since today that they’re going to help you to have a more mindful, healthy, easier, and more successful life. Remember that real success is not measured in terms of money but in terms of happiness.

Let’s slide into it, shall we?

1. Have a weekly reset routine

It might sound extreme for some people but I think it’s really life-changing. Let me explain what is the purpose of having a weekly reset routine. It’s meant to help you to stay on track with everything. It helps you to stay organized, to be at the top of your goals, and most important, it’s just a gentle way to check in with yourself.

Personally, I look forward to my Sunday every single week to do this routine and have this free time. It’s very good for my mind, my soul, and my body.

I strongly recommend it.

One of the things that I do on Sundays it’s to go for a run around the city or the beach. It’s a real way to disconnect, feel some fresh air, receive vitamin D from the sun, do some cardio, and just look at some beautiful places around Barcelona.

Another thing that I do is clean my space. Whenever I’m doing a sort of reset I like to clean that physical or digital space. If it’s my phone or my laptop, I declutter my digital space by making a backup of my latest pictures in the cloud and on the laptop, and then I just delete the pictures or files that I don’t need anymore. If it’s a physical space I like to vacuum, I open up all the windows and change my bedding.

Then I like to cook a really good meal. I love to cook, it gives me peace, it’s joy. It is just one of those moments that I feel complete. Normally, on Sundays, we share the meals with roommates, we cook for ourselves, and then we just chill by watching a movie and drinking some wine.

Then, the last thing that I do it’s just to track my monthly goals and habits just to see if I’m on track, and to check what I want to focus more on in the upcoming week.

Obviously, you can personalize this routine, I’m just sharing mine so you can get inspired or have any ideas of what you can do to build your own weekly reset, and helps you feel on top of everything, and just… happy! :)

2. Eat a healthy breakfast every single day

This is really short, so simple and joyful. There are so many recipes online. Whether you're making oatmeal or avocado toast, it’s just an amazing way to start your day.

Make it a beautiful experience by reading your favorite book or drinking your coffee. Whatever it’s that it’s going to help you to really enjoy the moment, and it’s a really great way to start eating healthier as I mentioned because when you eat a healthy breakfast you then just want to keep going and maybe make something new for lunch that it’s also healthy.

3. Consume content that inspires you

What I mean by that it’s set a time every single day to consume some content that inspires you to live that sort of life that you want to live, or reach the goal that you want to accomplish.

You can do this by listening to a podcast that you really like (I personally like to listen to Thinking is Cool by Kensey Grant because she talks about some really deep problems that exist in our society and she challenges us to make a reflection on it, by looking some real solutions to those problems), or listening to a guided meditation every single morning, or consuming your favorite content on YouTube or Instagram.

Just, whatever inspires you to get outside that motivation because sometimes internal motivation is just lacking (which is normal, we all have those days), and it feels just really good to be surrounded by stuff that inspires you to live that sort of life that you want to live.

4. Built a system and get organized

Create planning or a schedule that works for you. I wish that I could just give you a system and say “Hey, this works for everyone!”, but unfortunately, that it’s not how it works.

Believe me, I have tried everything.

Things like bullet journaling, for example, that so many people love, do not work for me. But a really good system that helps you to plan your day, and keeps everything structured in your life just helps you stay organized and at the top of your goals, and saves you so much time, we all have 24 hours, and the difference between someone who is always running around and someone that seems to be at top of everything is that this person is really good at time management.

Personally, I have so many tasks and so many things to do all the time, and I know how I feel (overwhelmed) when I’m not using a good system because I’m just a freaking disaster. And now that I have found a really good system that works for me, I actually have more time to do the things that I love to do.

Source: TheJuanSC's Notion

Now I know what I’m doing with myself and my life, it really changes your life, especially if you’re someone like me who is not good at these things, it took me a lot of time and research to find just the right system that works for me.

Just do some research because maybe you’d love bullet journaling, or just a simple to-do list written on a piece of paper… you know, whatever it works for you.

5. Commit to something every day

Commit to something every day that helps you to feel connected with yourself. Again, this is one of those things that is going to be different for everyone, but maybe you already know what that is. Whether is journaling, drawing, going for a walk, workout… any sort of movement. Personally, I work out every single morning and go for a walk with the dog for 45 minutes each thing… and that helps me. I don’t know why, but it helps me to reconnect with myself, especially making it a habit it’s a game-changer, and that’s really important not just to me but to all of us who struggle with a lot of pressure inside our minds.

The mental and emotional state dictates your whole life. So, be gentle with yourself, be gentle with your mind, be gentle with your soul. Mental health is really important… and you know what? This actually should be the number one habit or at least the most important one.

Here you have it. Those are the habits that I wanted to share with you today, I really hope you got some really good ideas. I wanted to talk about those habits that I don’t hear a lot of people talk about, so… I just hope you really read something fresh and new today.

Have a wonderful day! 

See you next time


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