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Here’s What You Can Do When You’re Not Feeling Inspired At All

Sometimes the answer is more obvious than you think.

By Juan CienfuegosPublished 9 months ago 3 min read
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Let’s face it. There are some days when we are not inspired at all. There are some days when we just feel exhausted, and we just don’t want to work at all. If your job is at a corporation doing absolutely nothing is not an option, and in those days you just have to go with the flow.

Not the best solution, but a solution after all.

But if you’re self-employed/freelancer/entrepreneur the difficulty to overcome that feeling is a little bit harder.

If you’re a creator and you have a lack of inspiration, or you’re just simply tired or burned out, or you’re just bored the best solution is to do nothing.

Take the day off.

Don’t be hard on yourself. Don’t try to be a machine. You’re human. Sometimes the best solution is to take some time off.

Do those things that you always say “you don’t have time to do that” because is not urgent.

Take care of yourself. At least for a day. Believe me, even if we have a perfect system for productivity sometimes if we’re just bored as hell… we’re just bored as hell.

And that’s ok.

All that your brain, your soul, and your body are trying to tell you is to remember to live. To be mindful for a day.

When was the last time you took some time to cook yourself a proper meal? Open a bottle of wine, and serve you a glass. Put some music. Enjoy the moment.

You don’t like to cook? That’s fine, then do some workouts. Go to the gym, and take care of your body.

Ah! You feel lazy today and you don’t even want to work out. Ok, that’s fine.

Go out and explore your city. Take a walk. There’s nothing more powerful than receiving some fresh air in your face (especially in winter, I bet you that freezing air will wake you up right away).

Go to a coffee shop and read a book. Or just simply be a tourist in your city. When was the last time you went to a Museum, or your favorite restaurant, or your favorite mall? Buy yourself something nice, you deserve it.

You don’t like to walk by yourself? Alone? You’re missing one of the greatest pleasures in life. If you haven’t done that yet, give it a shot, today is the day.

We all are in a rush, we’re always late somewhere else. So, nobody will judge you to be by yourself walking around and enjoying your city.

If we’re outside, all that we care about is not losing ourselves, getting to our destination, and not being hit by a car. Especially if you live in New York, Rome… or Barcelona.

Alright then. You don’t want to go out alone, by yourself. Then, hang out with your friends. Oh yes, I forgot…they’re working, right? Then go out by yourself!

Let me ask you a question. Are you that selfish to believe that people will care about what you’re doing? No! Or are you that insecure to believe that something bad is going to happen to you?

Ok, just think about it for a moment. What’s the worst scenario you could imagine? Now, I ask you: do you think THAT is going to happen? Of course not!

Just do it. Thank me later…

Ok, so it happens that you found a friend to go out with. Terrific! Disconnect and enjoy the moment. Live! Just remember to be human, at least for a day. Be present, and practice mindful living.

And tomorrow come back here and share with us what you did today. And congratulate yourself because you did it.

You are not bored anymore, you’re inspired. You’re back on the track.

And there you have it. … A new story to tell. Happy writing.

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