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5 benefits of reading

Reading empowers you with knowledge, and knowledge will empower you with action, and action will empower you with success

By Chua Yuan HengPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
5 benefits of reading
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There are a lot of books out there, hit sellers and amateurish ones. In fact Vocal is one huge library of mini books, composed of many short stories.

Anyway, they all contains what others want to tell you about, in words, sentences, and paragraphs.

Books and stories like this on Vocal contains knowledge, knowledge from the many people who just want to share them in documented form with you.

Reading has many benefits, among them are the following 5 benefits I could share with you:

1. Empowers you with knowledge

Reading empowers you with knowledge, and knowledge will empower you with action, and action will empower you with success. Without knowledge, you probably has to pray to a rock with a painting of a sun or such imagery asking for guidance every other day. In fact, in the past, when humans are still very stupid, they did things like this to get guidance on what to do next in their course of life. Reading give you knowledge from others who has experimented well on what is and what is not. Then you can base your own work on those things they told you in their books, which could be tried and true.

2. Broadens your horizon

Like a rubber band that is overstretched and will never shrinks back to its former length, knowledge broadens your horizon. A horizon expanded will not shrink back to its former size. In fact, if you read a lot, you know a lot, then you will see more, you will think more, of the world surrounding you. For example, if you would usually cruise by a bunch of shop lots while you are driving to your workplace, but what if you have read up about owning and renting shop lots as an investment strategy. Suddenly you see more of the scenery on the road, you start to see shop lots. At the back of your minds, more ideas flow into your head, and you begin to scheme. Someday, someday, I will do that!

3. Open more doors for you

Continuing from above about owning and renting shop lots, what if you have more ideas coming in for you? What if you could own and rent houses instead? More and more doors will open for you, if you would read more and more! If you learn hard at coding, someday you will be able to be coder, coding the next huge hit of a mobile app or a game. Reading opens more and more doors for you to step in, otherwise these doors are unfamiliar to you, and are hardly accessible.

4. Build your confidence

By owning these new found knowledge in your head, naturally you will be able to build up your self-confidence. If you have confidence, your self-esteem will also grow, people will sense your self-actualization and confidence from a far, then they will hire you for this job and that job. No one will resist a confident man if he is fit for the job. If you are looking to do business, you confidence will shine through with those investors you are seeking to invest in your business.

5. Elevate your status

Reading also elevate your status, especially if you manage to take concrete actions into applying what you have read. You will be able to climb higher the corporate ladders, get promotions, salary increments and even praises! Everyone love praises of jobs done well! Your status among your siblings, family members, colleagues, and friends will no longer be the same. You will shine as a better you. In the end, you will be elevated in every way!

That's it, of the 5 benefits of reading. Reading brings about a great change in any person's life, which is usually towards the positive sides. Read more and be more!

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