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3 Steps To Protecting Your Energy As A Leader

With the imminent global economic downturn beginning to infiltrate conversations within the leadership communities, what we are interested in is how to rise above the noise.

By Jimmy Stars WorldPublished 10 months ago 2 min read

With the imminent global economic downturn beginning to infiltrate conversations within the leadership communities, what we are interested in is how to rise above the noise.

Tending to the 1% of impact within your community in a sustainable way, no matter the external circumstances is what shapes Leaders who stand the test of time. Protecting your energy as a Leader in the times that are set to shift the globe, is critical to maintain collective impact.

“When we make a decision, it has an impact”, says Kiri-Maree Moore, Global Influencer, Innovator, and Future Thinker. Her approach to growth and becoming the 1% inspires curiosity, narrows the gap between problem and solution, and supports her community in navigating the uncomfortable space between where they are now and where they are going.

In this episode of The Rhonda Swan Show, Kiri-Maree expanded on 2 of the concepts that have supported her energy during challenging times:

Having A Driver That’s Beyond You

Often referred to as your ‘WHY’, having a reason to keep moving forward, that’s bigger than you and your own needs, is potentially the most fundamental factor in creating long term success. Understanding just how important it is to create and maintain high levels of energy and motivation, should inspire you to prioritize checking in regularly on your WHY.

“I was that kid who didn’t have a voice, and I wanted to be able to create platforms where every human can have a voice. My drivers have been bigger than myself. So ‘giving voice’ (to others) has meant that I’ve had a driver that’s beyond me. In other words, when I lack, when I don’t want to, when I lack the confidence to get up and get out there and do it, I go: ‘but what if I give just one more person a voice who didn’t have one before.’”

Disrupt Old Patterns To Create New Ones

The first port of call on any journey of change, should be increasing awareness.

Without being aware of the patterns you want to change, you simply cannot begin to rewrite your modes of operation. Begin by identifying the specific pattern that you would like to disrupt, and then look into the triggers that cause you to default into that cycle.

Once you have gained some clarity, it’s time to start formulating ways to work through your triggers, rather than avoiding them. This is where having a tool to implement on the spot, can help immensely.

Mel Robbins, author of The 5 Second Rule suggests “using the Rule and its countdown method to break any bad habit, interrupt self-doubt and negative self-talk, and push yourself to take the actions that will change your life.”

Simply start counting backwards to yourself from five to one, then move. "If you don't move within five seconds, your brain will kill the idea and you'll talk yourself out of doing it." - Mel Robbins.

The more you implement a strategy, the more automated it will become, making the task of creating new patterns infinitely easier.

To learn more about the ways Kiri-Maree advocates for protecting your energy as a Leader, head to this week's episode of The Rhonda Swan Show! Where world-renowned International Speaker, Best-Selling Author and Online Brand Strategist Rhonda Swan, dedicates the show to inspiring mothers, families and individuals to go after their dreams.


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