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10 Quotes To Help Repel The Thoughts Of Being Judged By Others

- David Stidston

By David StidstonPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
"You need to let go of your fear and anxiety of being judged by others." - Gavin Newsom

It's sad to think that so many people live their lives, making decisions, and executing actions, based on the need to try and impress others, all in a bid to avoid being judged and criticized. People feel this compulsive need to want to fit in with the crowd, to be accepted, respected, embraced, and liked by others. They simply can't handle the thought of not being liked by others, or being talked about negatively behind their back. In trying to avoid this, people will go out of their way to please others, even if that means altering their beliefs, characteristics, and personality. Basically, the need to be liked by others, and to be popular, is more important to them than being their true self, and living a life by their own design. What these people seem to either forget, or purposely choose not to acknowledge, is that there will always be people who will be nice to their face, yet be judging them, and gossiping about them, behind their back. Sadly, it's a common trait amongst the overwhelming majority of the human race. When we make decisions, and execute actions, in the best interest of our happiness, our goals, and our future, there will always be those who will judge and criticize us. Why? Because they may not be decisions or actions that those other people would be brave enough to do themselves, or they may not class them as normality to what society does. Some may express this criticism and judgement to our face, others may hide behind their mobile phone screen and type their thoughts, and then there are those who will basically bitch about us to others. If our decisions and actions don't please them, or if it perhaps inconveniences them, they become irritable and judgmental. Many people will say they have our best interest and welfare at heart, including our friends and loved ones, but their actions often suggest otherwise, because the only person who truly has our best interest and welfare at heart, is ourselves. Anyone who genuinely cares about our welfare and well-being would support us and encourage us to strive for greatness, not be opposing us. We know within our heart and mind, what decisions we need to make, and what actions we need to take, in order to create a future we desire, plus achieve our goals, and we need to remain committed to this. We can't allow the judgement and criticism of others to influence us against pursuing our goals, and creating a successful and fulfilling future for ourselves. We need to remove this need to fit in with others, and this desperation to be liked, because it's actually hurting our future. Our focus should be on our goals, our happiness, and what we desire for our future, not on how others are perceiving us. We have an obligation to help others in life, not to be pleasing them. There will be many people who won't like our decisions and actions, and as I said, these will include those closest to us, but they have their own life to live, just as we do ours. We shouldn't be living our life that is designed by others, and not by ourselves. It takes real courage and strength to face up to others when they discourage and oppose our decisions and actions, but we must have that resolve to repel those thoughts within our head, that they will stop liking or loving us, or that they are gossiping about us negatively to others. It will only end up highlighting just how much these people do truly love us, and have our best interest at heart. The funny thing is, once you achieve success, they will be the first ones to say they supported you throughout the journey, and want to celebrate in that success with you. Here are 10 quotes to help you maintain focus on the goals you want to achieve, and the future you want to create, whilst having the strength and courage to repel the judgement and criticism of others along the journey.

1.- "You need to let go of your fear and anxiety of being judged by others."

- Gavin Newsom

2.- "I know people can be judgmental and difficult. But if you shut yourself away from the world, you'll never see how beautiful it really is."

- Imania Margria

3.- “When someone judges you, it isn’t actually about you. It’s about them and their own insecurities, limitations, and needs.”

- Lulu

4.- "People who judge others tell more about who they are, than who they judge.

- Donald L. Hicks

5.- “Most people who are criticizing and judging haven’t even tried what you failed at.”

- David Goggins

6.- “If someone isn’t what others want them to be, the others become angry. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.”

- Paulo Coelho

7.- “Don’t concern yourself with the opinions of those who judge you. That is placing on them an importance they do not have.”

- Donna Lynn Hope

8.- "We're being critiqued every day, whether you hear them critiquing you, or it's behind your back, whether it's the client, casting, friends, agents - you're constantly being judged, and you're constantly being denied!"

- Devon Windsor

9.- “You’re being judged no matter what, so be who you want to be.”

- Anonymous

10.- "People are always judging you based on where you're from, where you went to school, how you look, how you talk. But at the end of the day, you're going to have to look into the mirror and accept who you are. It's all about being authentic."

- Andre Carson

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