10 Positive Affirmations To Start Your Day

by Chelsea Swift 3 months ago in happiness

Boost Your Confidence

10 Positive Affirmations To Start Your Day

Confidence comes from self value.

Self value is a conversation you're having every day, consciously and unconsciously.

Your real inner confidence doesn't come from a nice sweater, it comes from the voice in your head, and what you say to yourself will either pull positive energy towards you or pull in the opposite.

Thankfully, thoughts don't manifest into reality right away, and you have time to save your day. At anytime. Just start with 10 positive affirmations. Every day. Add 20, 60, and work your way up to 100.

Why is this important? Because, what we think of ourselves is what we actually end up becoming. It's not what anyone says, or does, or thinks about us, it's all about what you think about you, every day.

So, BELIEVE in yourself!!

Literally, me on the podcast. (Chelsea Swift Is Your Spirit Animal - Spotify) Anyways. Before you scroll Instagram, before you shower, before you head to work, SAY your affirmations in the mirror until you BELIEVE them.

This is a life changing activity that is guaranteed to give you more energy, more confidence, and a better brighter day. Let's start our affirmations...

#1 | You are enough.

Repeat this 10 times or until you believe it:

#2. I am a magnet of miracles.

I am a magnet of miracles. Miracles are attracted to me. Repeat 3 times:

#3. "I am a powerful creator and I create the life that I want" is a power statement.

Like, eff the white boots, this is THAT, real power move boo. The truth is, you are always creating. Good, bad, beautiful, sad, happy, doesn't matter, it's always in motion, forever changing. Take your power. Repeat 3 times:

#4. You are so worthy of everything that life has to offer.

Repeat this 3 times and go be a beautiful, smart, capable, soul :

#5. True abundance begins in your soul and it is nourished within your mind.

Today's money affirmation: "My income increases every month."

Money is actually just positive energy, it really is. It enhances the QUALITY of life.

If you want to build more income, think healthy thoughts about money, even better, think about what you could GIVE to others, and say positive money affirmations every day until you feel good about money. Repeat 5 times:

#6. Every day is a new opportunity to THINK BETTER THOUGHTS about your life.

Repeat 3 times:

#7. "I AM"... are the two most powerful words in the world, for what you SAY after them, you literally, BECOME.

Repeat 3 times:

#8. Focus on your S.H.I.T. (stands for) Skin care + Happiness + Inner Peace + Your Time ||

You pay with everything in energy. Everything is an energy exchange. What you give your time to, takes time from you, invest. What you think, you attract, invest. What you say, you become, invest. What you don't change, you choose, invest. If you focus and you INVEST positive energy into everything you do, you will win. Never quitting, just means you rest and try again. Never quitting means you don't stop when you're tired, you stop when it's done. || Repeat 3 times:

#9. Know your value, and then add tax, is not just a quote you saw on Insta and scroll by, it's actually true.

Like, facts. What you TRULY believe you are worth, you will get. Step your game up by assigning yourself the HIGHEST level LOVE. The HIGHEST form of respect, because what you think you are WORTH is what you will GET. Repeat after me:

#10. The truth is, life is as easy or hard as you think it is.

Notice we're all at different levels? That's because, we all have different ideas of "what feels achievable" which makes certain things easy and certain things difficult. What do you feel is possible for you? Because, it IS possible, if you believe it is possible. Repeat 3 times:

I hope you have the most positive day! When in doubt, just relax. It's really not even serious, life goes by so fast, and it's definitely way too short to not follow your dreams, when it doubt: slow down, look around, there's always something beautiful surrounding you, you just need to become aware of it and get INSPIRED again.

Take a deep breath and say "I am..." (insert your desired state here)

For more positive energy, motivational pep talks, check out "You Are Enough" on my podcast: Available on: Spotify + Apple podcasting apps

Chelsea Swift
Chelsea Swift
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