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10 Habits of Happy and Successful Women

Whatever successful might mean to you, these are the habits of happy and successful women that will allow you to get to the best place in your life.

By Kelsey LangePublished 5 years ago 5 min read

Incorporating subtle proactive habits into your daily routine will allow you to transform your life. These are some of the most beneficial habits of happy and successful women.

From simply making your bed in the morning, to transforming your thought process to exclude negativity, each of these habits will allow you to gain success in each aspect of your life. As great ways to improve your lifestyle, these habits will come as second nature after a few weeks of incorporating them into your daily process.

She wakes up early and makes the bed.

A small habit, but one of the best habits of happy and successful women is to make your bed after waking up early each day.

People who sleep in, set zero schedules for themselves, and keep their rooms a mess will mirror these habits with their lives, making them scattered, disorganized, and messy. Now, does this habit seem so small? Setting an alarm every day, and leaving your room each morning spotless has a huge impact on your life.

She has time for herself.

Being able to set aside "me time" is one of the best habits of happy and successful women. No matter how busy you might be, being able to make time for yourself is incredibly important to your success.

As a way to prove to yourself that you know your own value, and value the time it takes to rejuvenate yourself, having alone time will allow you to focus on one important thing: yourself. This can just be a bubble bath for an hour or a trip to your local nail salon, treating yourself to something that will allow you to be alone with your thoughts will allow you to get your thoughts together and recoup.

She is constantly learning new things.

Never refuse an opportunity to learn. Whether this is learning something about yourself, learning something from a fellow co-worker, or reading books about your career field, there are so many opportunities to learn each and every day.

As the age-old saying goes, "If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room." A successful woman takes this phrase seriously, and pushes her boundaries as a way to expand herself. She asks questions, she stays curious, and she is always looking for her next advancement.

She challenges herself.

Whether this means she challenges herself physically, mentally, or intellectually, one of the best habits of happy and successful women is to challenge yourself. As a way to improve your hunger for success, challenges will not only allow you to step outside of your comfort zone, but learn about yourself along the way.

There is no advancement in life without taking risks. And in order to do so, you will always push the boundaries of your personal life, your intellect, and your knowledge.

She takes care of her health.

A successful woman is a healthy woman. No matter how advanced you have made it in your career, you have not truly achieved success within yourself without finding your best health. This doesn't just go for looking good, but feeling good. And like we've all heard, healthiness is a mindset and a lifestyle.

The incorporation of both exercise and health food intake will allow you to reach your best health, and practicing this every day until it turns into a habit is the only way to do this.

She laughs at herself.

A happy woman does not take herself seriously every second of the day. Instead, you must take the time to laugh at yourself, laugh at your mistakes, laugh at your frustrations, laugh at your mistakes, and laugh with your friends.

As one of the best habits of happy and successful women, laughing at yourself will allow you to follow the trend of relaxing and having fun in the appropriate situations.

She has a life outside of her workplace.

Though some might refer to success solely being in the workplace, a universally successful woman will both succeed in her personal life and her career in order to be happy and satisfied. Work isn't everything, and having the time to enjoy life outside of working is also a priority.

However, this doesn't mean that work shouldn't come first, because it still should. But being able to switch from work to play is a characteristic of a successful and happy woman who knows her work and practices self-love.

She has concrete goals.

Being completely aware of your goals, and having concrete goals for each day will allow you to reach them faster, and encourage yourself to succeed in smaller goals each day. As one of the best habits of happy and successful women, having concrete goals will push yourself toward them, challenge yourself, and achieve more each day. If you are unaware of what you want to succeed in, how will you succeed?

They refuse to put themselves down.

Again, we're going to focus on self-love, and the importance of it. Refusing to put yourself down is an incredible habit that will transform your thought process and your ability to succeed in life.

Talking badly about yourself does not express respect, and you should always treat yourself as you wish others would treat you. Demand respect from yourself, and demand respect from others. And stopping negative thoughts in its tracks will soon turn into one of the most beneficial habits you can imagine.

She celebrates each of her wins.

You should always be your biggest supporter. Encouraging yourself through each of your battles will allow you to rely on yourself and only yourself through anything. As a source of self-love, supporting yourself through your aspirations is one of the best habits of happy and successful women.

An incredible way to be both happy and successful, celebrating each step of your journey will make the process more enjoyable, more worthwhile, and easier. Rather than looking to other for encouragement, you will alway be able to provide yourself with the best celebrations of each of your victories. This way, once you make it to the top, you will be able to thank yourself.


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