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Things Successful Women Don’t Do

It is important to note that there are as many things that successful women don't do as things they must do to succeed.

By Leila ParkerPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Being a successful woman is a hard ask for women in today's society. The world is structured in such a way that only the strong and fittest have the chance to succeed. Many countries have been trying to make it easier for women to succeed by funding special scholarships and educational opportunities for women. However, these attempts are sometimes hindered by the stereotypical nature of cultural settings that treats women as weak and second to men. This attitude leaves no room for women to exercise their rights and show their skills. It is very difficult for women to succeed in such cultural settings. Women must work hard and do much more than men for them to succeed in any society. However, it is important to note that there are as many things that successful women don't do as things they must do to succeed.

Successful Women Don’t Expect or Ask For Favors

I need to highlight that successful women should not be asking for favors from anyone, especially not from men or people with power and influence. Asking for favors or behaving in a manner likely to suggest that one wants favors creates a perception that one is desperate and ready to be manipulated. Women specifically leave themselves prone to sexual harassment in this sort of situation. This is the reason that successful women don’t ask for or expect favors. They don’t want to come off as desperate to other people, or leave even the smallest opportunity for someone to take advantage of their situation. Successful women believe that working hard is the only way they can achieve what they want. They believe that merit is the criteria that should be adopted to reward people in various categories.

Successful Women Don’t Waste Time

For one to be successful, they should have time management skills. Also, technology has made multitasking easier for everyone, so you need to be especially skilled in this field to be successful. Many people are working multiple jobs or must work on the side to get by, which calls for personal discipline and even greater time management skills. For successful women to achieve their goals and move up within a company or even transition from one company to another, they must not waste time.

Successful Women Don’t Run Away From Troubles

It is the nature of human beings to be scared by the troubles they face in their workplace, their home, and just throughout their daily activities. However, successful women never succumb to pressure brought about by the daily troubles they face. They face these troubles without fear and intimidation. They believe that running away from their troubles is a way of procrastinating and does not bring the necessary solutions to their problems. These women believe that facing troubles as they emerge will only make them bold and equip them with the necessary experience to handle many, more complicated troubles in the future. Successful women view problems as opportunities to learn new skills that will only add value to them.

Successful Women Don’t Listen to Rumors

There are two main channels of communication within any organization; the grapevine channel of communication and the official channel of communication. The grapevine channel of communication conveys rumors or unauthentic news in the company while official communication is highly credible and conveys official and authentic information in the company, through approved channels of communication. Grapevine communication is highly abused by employees in many organizations, and coworkers tend to gossip about one another. However, successful women don’t entertain this channel of communication because it spreads rumors and unauthentic news that cannot be relied upon. They believe that rumors create animosity among colleagues and thereby reduce cohesiveness, trust, and team spirit, which are vital to the success of the company. They are very choosy about the information they receive from coworkers and will only listen to the authentic news. They understand that keeping all communications official enhances their self-image while maintaining dignity.

Successful Women Don’t Waste Resources

Resources are scarce, especially in today's economy, and we should be careful how we utilize them. The world population is increasing at a higher rate than ever before, but there is no corresponding increase in resources. It is important to remember that natural resources are actually being depleted. With this in mind, successful women don’t waste resources. They use resources in an optimal way making sure that waste is as minimal as possible. At times, they are mistaken as being mean in this capacity, as they can be "stingy" when it comes to allocation of said resources. However, they are not mean; they are cautious and concerned about the future of the company.

Successful Women Don’t Lie

Successful women believe being honest is key to success and a way of gaining trust from the people they work with. They will always keep their work and communications as transparent and open as possible. They give others a chance to ask questions about their performance, and believe that lying would make others lose confidence in them, something they are not willing to give up.

Successful Women Don’t Get Intimidated

It is believed power and influence are the best weapons to intimidate people. There is no exception for women who are viewed as weak and vulnerable. However, these women have a personal strength that makes them immune and resistant to intimidation. They view intimidation as an obstruction to progress and prosperity. To safeguard the interests of the company, which they hold very dear, they develop a fighting spirit. They therefore stand tall and steadfast against any form of intimidation, which to them, is a threat to the success of the company. Successful women urge people, especially those in leadership positions, not to be intimidated easily or succumb to intimidation from people with power and influence.

Successful Women Don’t Resist Change

Many people are resistant to change because they fear the unknown. It is human to experience stressful situations, anxiety, and discontent when changes are communicated to the employees in an organization. However, successful women do not resist change. In fact, they initiate and embrace it. They dislike the status quo. They believe there is always a better way to do things. This makes them initiate change within the company to increase efficiency and effectiveness, which will result in increased output. Successful women will support any attempt to improve the way things are done in the company.


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Leila Parker

Newly graduated Industrial-Organizational Psychologist. I'm a cyclist who works, thinks and writes about workplace culture, behavior and self-motivation.

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