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Words Sales People Use to Close the Deal

Words are very powerful. They can make or break your business. Sales people must choose them carefully when closing a deal.

By Leila ParkerPublished 7 years ago 5 min read

The words that sales people use to close a deal can be simple solutions to boosting sales, whether you are dealing in physical goods or rendering services. This is the secret those marketing gurus will never tell you. Sales people who know this secret are gaining an edge over their competitors and taking home thousands of dollars in profit, while their business counterparts are struggling and crawling on the ground. We want your business to rise and shine.

Words are very powerful. They can make or break your business. The right choice of words helps you market your goods and services effectively to prospective buyers and helps you to make sales as soon as possible. Having known that words are powerful tools used by sales people, the next thing that you need to find out is what words sales people use to close the deal. Once you’ve discovered them, all you need to do is to incorporate them into your marketing strategies to help you make more profits.

You and We

While crafting your sales and website content try to incorporate words like you and we. Using these words helps you to make personal connections between the two words. It sounds like you are speaking directly to the prospective customer. They get easily connected with the product or service and relate it to their personal life and situation.


Your prospective customers need to know what the value the goods or services you are presenting to them would have. Their decision to buy or not buy your product depends greatly on its value. Ensure you let your prospective buyers know what they will gain from purchasing from you and what they stand to lose if they leave of your product behind. Make it compelling enough to make them to take an action.


While crafting your sales words and your contents try to incorporate the word, "And." And should be used often times instead of "but" if possible because it is much more inclusive. The more you can include and the more it looks like you're including added value and services into your project.


As much as you can try to incorporate "do" in your sale contents. This word is especially good when you need to create bullet points of actions to be taken. Do is an action word and tells the customers to not just admire what is said but to take action. Do also connotes reliability. Buyers want to know what you and your product can do for them.


Make use of the word "or" when you need to offer your prospects a number of options. It tells them that their problem can be solved through varied means and they can chose what means works best for them. This boosts their engagement and gives them more confidence in your ability. You are not only telling them what to do but you are helping them to be a part of that decision making .

Should we?

This seeks the opinion of the buyer. You have offered your product and described its benefits and value to the buyer. You still ask for the opinion of the buyer on what to do. This makes them take responsibility for their own actions. You didn’t practically compel them to take action straight away but you applied diplomacy and helped them see for themselves why they needed to take the action. "Should we" also sounds more like you are making recommendation or suggestions to them.


Sales people need to have management support to be able to move on with the sales. Although the work of making a sale is the responsibility of the marketing or sales department, you need enough support from the business management team to ensure that the efforts you are making for the sales yields fruit.

This can also be used in the context of your other buyers. If your buyers have a common consensus that your product helped in a certain scenario, be sure to share that information.


Make use of a well crafted story to beat their imagination. While trying to engage them with the story, make them see themselves in your story and be able to figure out what meaning the story has for them. Imagine what they can do when they have the benefits your product has to offer.

See, show, hear, tackle

Words like see, show, hear, and tackle are very good and powerful words sales people use to close the deal. With "see" you are bringing the product or service into full view of the prospect and allowing them to take notice of it find a reason to believe in it. "Show" is also a great tool which may work better when crafting content that is related to services. The word "show" also brings the services into full view of your customer, offering him or her the chance to perceive the value and then make purchase. The word "hear" may be a good marketing tool for those businesses or services that deal in sounds like technological equipment or movie industries. Using a phrase such as "this sounds like the best thing for you to do" makes a reverberating sound in the brain of the prospective and initiates the desire to close the deal. "Tackle" on the other hand is a marketing word that would be very suitable for business that offers solutions to people's needs. Tell them how to tackle their problems.

Their name

When writing marketing emails to a prospect, personalizing it with the name of the person you are writing to makes him or her immediately connected with the service or the product. This a great sales and marketing strategy that experts use to boost their sales.

Power words

Try to incorporate power words into your sales strategy. Power words in particular tend to skyrocket sales.


Try to incorporate the word "because" into your content marketing strategy. "Because" tells a prospective buyer why he or she need to take an action, or it tells the prospect why the solution you offered will work above every other one.


Present them with the opportunity to get their problem resolved. People are always on the lookout for ways to take care of their problems.

Remember you can decide to use these words or not but if what you are looking for are words sales people use to close the deal, this set of words would help you get subscribers, help you get customers purchase your good or services, and help donors to donate to you charity cause.


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