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Are You a Metrosexual?

Take the Quiz to Find Out

By Rick Henry Christopher Published 8 months ago 4 min read
Top Story - June 2023
Are You a Metrosexual?


The term Metrosexual was first coined in 1994 in an article by Mark Simpson in The Independent, a British online newspaper. The term was popular in the late 1990s through the early 2000s. By 2011 the term was becoming cliche. I wanted to take a fun look back and revive this term for the next few minutes of reading time.

What is a Metrosexual?

So, just what is a Metrosexual? You may ask. Let's get on our ellipticals and let me explain this to you.

Merriam Webster Dictionary: Usually a suburban (or urban) heterosexual male given to enhancing his personal appearance by fastidious grooming, beauty treatments, and fashionable clothes.

A metrosexual … is happy getting a pedicure and a manicure. He's hip, urban, sophisticated and, above all, stylish. —Rebecca Paley

From Wikipedia: The typical metrosexual is a young man with money to spend, living in or within easy reach of a metropolis—because that's where all the best shops, clubs, gyms, and hairdressers are.

The term does not assert whether a metrosexual is heterosexual, gay or a bisexual man, and the gender or sexual orientation of a metrosexual is generally ambiguous and differs in every man.

From the Urban Dictionary: A man who has refined tastes in urban art, fashion, cuisine, literature, high culture and generally processes liberal political and social views. Despite common misconceptions metrosexuality can encompass all sexual orientations.

The earliest examples of Metrosexuality was with the 15th Century British and French nobles.

Men such as David Becker, Brad Pitt, Ryan Seacrest, Brandon Routh, Marc d'Avignon, Rafael Nadal, Derrick Rose, Alex Rodriguez, Matt Kemp, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gerhard Joubert, Harry Styles, and Zac Efron have been described as Metrosexual.

The Quiz

The following quiz is an exercise to gauge your level of Metrosexuality. So, get that last strand of hair in place and have fun.

1. Do you use mousse or gel in your hair? 2 pts

2. Do you own more than 20 pairs of shoes? 4 pts

3. Do you visit a salon to have your haircut and styled? 5 pts

4. Are you in touch with your emotions? 2 pts

5. Do you love to shop? 3 pts

6. Do you get your nails manicured/pedicured? 5 pts

7. Are you in the gym or do you work out at least four times a week? 3 pts

8. Do you have a facial done at least once a week? 4 pts

9. Do you practice aromatherapy or keep scented candles in your home? 2 pts

10. Do you live in the suburbs or in a metropolitan area or city? 2 pts

11. Do you have a selection of skincare products? 3 pts

12. Do you own dress shirts in every color including multi-color and flower print? 2 pts

13. Do you own a few pairs of designer jeans? 3 pts

14. Do you moisturize and exfoliate? 3 pts

15. Do you color coordinate? 2 pts

16. Do you manscape? (don't worry we won't tell anybody) 3 pts

17. Are you in touch with your feminine side? 3 pts

18. Does your diet include a considerable amount of greens? 1 pt

Where Do You Rank?

43 - 50 pts You are a diehard Metro. You look good and feel good. People (both men and women) are always taking a second look because they are either attracted or they want to be you.

35 to 42 pts You're on your way to becoming a diehard Metro. You just need some fine-tuning. Maybe get a weekly exfoliating facial and buy yourself a two-tone Stefano Ricci dress shirt. And don't forget the Dior water bottle with strap.

27 to 34 You're a weekend closet Metro. Isn't it time you came out of your aromatic cedar lined closet?

18 to 26 One day a week isn't enough. Get serious about the gym. Put some color in your hair. Get yourself some royal blue or bright yellow shoes.

9 To 17 You're Walmart trying to pass yourself off as Neiman Marcus. Stop it. Just stop it.

1 to 8 You are so not in the right place. But if you really put the money and work into it you can get there. You'll have to move to an upscale apartment. Throw out all your clothes and start over. You might even consider a plastic surgeon and The Hair Club for Men.

Thanks pals! Maybe next time we’ll talk about War Paint a facial foundation for men!!!

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Rick Henry Christopher

Writing is a distraction for me. It takes me to places unknown that fulfill my need for intellectual stimulus, emotional release, and a soothing of the breaks and bruises of the day.

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  • Rowan Finley 24 days ago

    Note: Never tell someone you think they’re metrosexual. It can really mess them up for years. Just be YOU without any labels.

  • ELIAS PULIDO6 months ago

    Informative article! The truth as it is! Well written! Read mine?

  • Novel Allen8 months ago

    I feel shamed. Better start working on the female version. It gets harder with age people, start young-or youngish.

  • Novel Allen8 months ago

    I scored bet 12-14 because i eat plenty of greens, walk a couple times a week, so maybe down to 12. So 10 on the Metrosexual male scale. Had to do it since I picked Rick. This was very interesting.

  • Luke Foster8 months ago

    I scored 7 points. I’ll leave now….. Interesting article, and a good read.

  • Hazel Rymell 8 months ago

    I'm not a man, but was curious to know what a metrosexual man was! I'd never heard of them before 😊

  • The Dani Writer8 months ago

    An easy read and unique content Rick. Congratulations on the Top Story!

  • Naomi Lula8 months ago

    The term "metrosexual" emerged in the late 1990s to describe a new breed of urban men who took pride in their appearance, grooming, and fashion sense. Breaking traditional gender stereotypes, the metrosexual embraced self-care and personal style, emphasizing the importance of individuality and expressing oneself through fashion, grooming, and lifestyle choices.

  • Super fun read. Too bad I couldn't actually take the quiz. Congratulations on Top Story!

  • Can’t believe I’m in the 35 to 42 range. But being 22 and living with a girlfriend that designs clothes can do that to someone

  • Melissa Ingoldsby8 months ago

    Great quiz!! I think I’m too masculine ! Lol but I enjoyed this 💞

  • Dana Crandell8 months ago

    This was a fun read, Rick. I definitely flunked the quiz, as expected. They can keep their shoes. I have a hat. Congrautlations on Top Story!

  • Chloe Gilholy8 months ago

    Both my boyfriend and I got 24 points. We are quite low on the metro side.

  • Wow

  • J. R. Lowe8 months ago

    I’ve always wondered what the term meant but never really looked into until reading this haha, love the quiz too!

  • Dana Stewart8 months ago

    Fun read, Rick - loved the quiz. Congratulations on Top Story!

  • Anthony Paul okon8 months ago


  • Leslie Writes8 months ago

    I remember this term. Fun quiz! Congrats on TS!

  • Babs Iverson8 months ago

    Fun read!!! Congratulations on T S!!!💕❤️❤️

  • Mackenzie Davis8 months ago

    Well, damn. I had the wrong end of the stick with this one. I stand corrected! This was hilarious, Rick! Love the quiz...I know someone who would probably get top marks, and somebody else who'd be middling.

  • C. H. Richard8 months ago

    lol! A fun read. Congratulations on Top story ♥️

  • Judey Kalchik 8 months ago

    Fun! And, I think accurate as to the quiz results

  • Ashley Lima8 months ago

    LOL! Got a kick out of this, for funsies, I took your quiz (even though I'm feminine presenting) and I scored a whopping ten. I'm thinking now that maybe being a genderbending metrosexual is my newfound goal in life. Well done and congrats on TS!

  • Real Poetic8 months ago

    Well-deserved! Congrats!

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