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Your Month Ahead: A Tarot Reading

by D. L Bester about a year ago in spirituality
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Let's take a potential look at your month of June 2021

Thank you so much for checking out my readings! I have a podcast by the same name (Candlelit Tarot) where I post twice a week and give my insight to those who need it. You can always contact me for readings, [email protected] I appreciate any donations/tips as well $candlelittarot. I understand that Tarot is not for everyone and I appreciate your kindness.

So, I wanted to do a month ahead reading mainly because I get asked this a lot. Here is the spread so you can try it out for yourself. The month of June is approaching and so is the eclipse that will be in the early hours on May 26th. This is also a full moon, which is perfect for manifesting your month ahead. So for now, let's focus on making the month of June peaceful and abundant. Without further ado...




I feel like for some reason, this card really has a lot to say. I got this card in the last post I did for you guys except it was reversed. The theme for the month of June being the Eight of Cups can say a lot, this card upright represents abandonment and escapism. It seems that some of you may feel trapped for the month of June. Either in your work, relationships, family, etc. This is really something that has been effecting you overtime and it does seem like you are trying to get rid of this feeling. You could be trying to play it off, because of your situation. Whatever this case may be, for those of you reading, if you are feeling like you really need to get away, then do yourself and your mental health a favor and take a trip. Do something that will help you clear your head, it seems like there could be a lot going on.



When the Knight of Cups is reversed, this represents moodiness. It is very possible that a lot of changes will occur in the month of June so be ready for swift alterations. You should try and avoid becoming more moody than usual. This may be something that you can't control, as we are humans and our emotions can get the best of us at times, but it does seem like there could be something to really either tick you off or just plain make you upset. Do not let others take you to a level that you know you don't need to go. The negativity that sets others off does not have the same effect on you. You can get through whatever this is. Things will go back to normal.



Who else thinks this is wild that you guys got the knight of cups in reverse and then the knight of pen reversed too? I feel like emotions will be high for the month of June. The Knight of Pentacles in reverse represents boredom, laziness and feeling stuck. It's possible that this is the reason your emotions could be high. It seems like you could have more time on your hands than usual and you could just end up being very deep in your thoughts. Maybe you start thinking about your past and how you wish things were different. All of this is possible, just remember to take control of your feelings and do not let them control you. This would also be a good time to start a hobby or side hustle to keep you occupied.



The Six of Cups is all about memories, childhood and nostalgia. I think that there could be a possible reunion coming or maybe there is someone from your past that could message you. Or...you have been thinking of someone from your past and you get the courage to message them. This could be an ex, family member, or an old friend. This is probably something you have thought about before and this can especially depend on that if you have known this person for a while. Maybe this is someone from school that you never really stopped thinking about. Make sure that you are not in any "conflicting" situations before reaching out or responding to this person. Make sure you think through the possible outcomes before reacting.



No this does not mean let go of hope. The Star does represent hope and renewal. I feel like this is more on the lines of letting go of the things or people that you feel are good for you, but really aren't. Sometimes we can get really wrapped up in the people around us and their energy can effect us; as the people we surround ourselves with is a reflection on us. If you have been noticing toxic behavior in your friend(s) go ahead and either bring it up to them in a polite way, or be done. You can't change people, people have to change on their own. They have to grow and learn on their own and they can go through something a million times before they learn their lesson. Sometimes they have to go through it alone and that's okay, we all have to learn to do things on our own. It's important to focus on yourself and understand the toxicity that could be around you and how to identify it.



I feel like this card is so perfect. Grow more love. The Lover's sign is Gemini which is interesting because if you are Gemini then your season is in the month of June, but I do not believe in coincidences anymore. This card represents bringing more love into your life. Values, unions, choices, relationships, etc. Maybe you will meet someone new, this could be from the Six of Cups card I pulled earlier. Maybe you will form a new friendship from an old one, it just depends on what the situation will be. It does seem like you will have control over it. I am happy you got this card (yes you). You deserve love.



This card is all about challenges and restrictions. I feel like because it's possible some of you may have more free time than you anticipated, this is a great time to challenge yourself to something new. Been wanting to go to school, do it. Been wanting to revamp your resume for a new job, do it. Been wanting to start a business, do it. You have the power and ability to achieve anything and everything you want. Do not let your doubts hold you back. Do not doubt how great you are. You can do this, you can handle anything.



The Empress upright is usually most significant to fertility, when the Empress is in reverse is more along the lines of creative blocks and dependence on others. I do think for you creatives out there, it's important to keep those juices flowing so try really hard to keep listening to things that are inspiring. Keep watching things that are inspiring. Keep reading things that are inspiring. Try not to think about yourself feeling blocked or at a stump. Your thoughts do manifest so try and keep your mind on doing the things that you enjoy. You could even have a really great breakthrough that get's you creating more and more. You can do this. You can do this!

Sending you all love and positivity๐ŸŒž

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D. L Bester is a mother, wife, podcaster, tarot reader, and so much more!

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