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You Don't Have to Buy Fabletics to Feel Confident at the Gym

Curious? Don't look at the subtitle for more of a taste, read me!

You Don't Have to Buy Fabletics to Feel Confident at the Gym

I saw an article on here, called "Killer Workout Accessories for Women Who Want to Slay" By Ossiana Tepfenhart. I read just the ad, but automatically felt sad when I read "just mustering the courage to look in the mirror while you do it (workout) all can be a chore... But, it's a lot easier if you have the right accessories and outfits."

A year ago, as pictured above, I started my self-love journey, as many women do. This was my first hike I ever went on by myself, and the first time I had ever worn a sports bra only out in public. Not only did I take the picture to document it (set on a rock with a timer), but I posted it on my Instagram. Every girl thinks when they post pictures like that, they're either going to be thought of as a sl*t, or someone trying to show their body off. I wasn't trying to accomplish either, in fact, I didn't care what other people thought. In opposition to the feedback I thought I'd receive, I actually got a lot of love. It was awesome.

The gym is a place to better yourself, and guess who you're bettering yourself for? No, not your mom who thinks you could lose a few. No, not your boyfriend or friends, you. You're going for yourself, or at least, you should be. If you aren't, the problem you should be focusing on is the fact that you're going for someone else, not what clothes to wear.

Wearing cute clothes at the gym is nice. Wearing make-up to the gym is nice too. You look cute, you feel great, and any guy can walk up to you and you can confidently reply, in comparison... But what about the days you have to workout, you didn't apply makeup, you only have one pair of leggings that are "clean" and you're pressed for time, just need to get that work out in? Everyone will stare at you and wonder why you're so ugly and messy.... WRONG. No ones cares, honestly. They want to workout and leave, just like you do.

Wearing cute clothes and makeup to the gym, they are literally just cover-ups. They are short-term solutions to a long-term problem. You are insecure, seriously. I know because I was too. I did the same thing, dolled up, and tried not to make too much noise while weight lifting. When I went home, and took of my makeup and cute clothes, I still sat in my room and hated myself for everything I had done that day. It was SO unhealthy.

The first solo shirtless hike was just the beginning of MY journey. I am absolutely not claiming "this is the cure all, it will work for everyone," but here's my steps, and you can take it as you want, tweak it to your needs, and gain self-love on your own. You will. So, shirtless trips up the mountain, then I began taking my shirt off at the gym too, and looking at myself straight in the mirror. I can't say I liked it, at first, but I started watching not my belly (my largest and long-time running insecurity), but instead the muscle group I was working on. I watched how strong I was, how hard my muscles worked, and became proud instead of ashamed.

I also started working at a wedding ring manufacturer, and didn't need to wear makeup or cute clothes because the clothes would get dirty and my face would too. To balance everything, I would wear my gym clothes to work, drive the way home that passes my gym, and workout in my dirty clothes. That also sucked at first, but I got used to it, and focused on my workouts, not my looks. I would walk around confidently, not because I looked good, but because I knew what I was doing and was proud of myself for getting to the gym that day. I started really loving myself too, and it seemed as though people could tell, because even in that "terrible state" of ugly dirty clothes and a bare face, I was making friends and yes, still being hit on and stared at.

People are attracted to confidence, and confidence shines through the dirt and grime. People can also tell when you're only confident because you're putting your best foot forward. Both get results, i.e., good interactions with other people, but the worth of those interactions may vary. This is just my experience, but the men who walked up to me in my natural, after work, state actually wanted to get to know me. While when I was wearing makeup and cute clothes, they seemed to only want to take advantage of my body.

So please, I implore you, be yourself at the gym! Be yourself anywhere! DO your makeup and look great if you want to, love yourself without them too. Or don't, I'm not your boss. I'm not forcing this lifestyle on you, you clicked on the article and chose to read all the way down to this sentence, take away what you will. If you don't love yourself, I love you. I've got plenty of love to give because I love myself too, and that makes room for me to love others deeply.

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