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Why You Aren't Losing Weight When You're Doing Everything Right

by Jamie Read 4 years ago in diet

The Major Thing You're Not Focusing On

Why you aren't losing weight when you're doing everything right.

Do you ever feel like the whole world is against you when you’re trying to lose weight?

Do you feel like you’re putting in maximal effort but getting no reward?

Do you feel like you've tried every possible way and technique on the planet and still nothing is changing for you?

Then let me tell you what you’re doing wrong. Your body is not in a CALORIE DEFICIT. Your body needs to be in a CALORIE DEFICIT in order for it to decrease in weight and somewhere along the line, you are either maintaining or you are in a surplus (a surplus is the opposite of a deficit).

What is a calorie deficit?

A calorie deficit is when your body is burning more calories than it is taking in, making it use its other energy stores which results in weight loss.

What is a calorie surplus?

A calorie surplus is the opposite of a deficit. Your body is taking in more calories that it is burning off, leading to weight gain. This is done by people who are trying to gain muscle or gain weight.

Why am I not in a calorie deficit?

Sometimes people think they are doing everything right but when they take a deeper look they find things that aren't working for them. Calories can often be hidden in certain foods like sauces and dressings, and if you are consuming a lot of them it will push your calorie intake up leading to a calorie surplus.

If you think you’re doing everything right, and nothing is changing, you’re probably doing a lot of things right, WHICH IS AWESOME, but you need to go deeper and re-track your food, or re-calculate your workouts because somewhere down the line, something is wrong, and your body is not in a calorie deficit.

Another tip to check your current calorie intake vs. calorie output, is to write down everything you eat in a day as you eat it. It may seem a bit ODD, but you will be able to see where your diet isn’t quite right and if you are eating the correct portions, and where you can make adjustments.

Every diet in the world that is aimed at losing weight all boils down to your body being in a calorie deficit.

  • Atkins = Calorie deficit
  • Soup/Smoothie diet = Calorie deficit
  • Detoxes = Calorie deficit
  • Low carb = Calorie deficit
  • Weight watchers = Calorie deficit
  • Slimming world = Calorie deficit

If you aren’t seeing results from your current efforts, something needs to change. It can sometimes be a small thing that is pushing your energy intake up or it can be something large that you aren’t seeing. If you need extra help with your diet, visit a qualified nutrition professional…PLEASE DON’T TAKE SOMEONE'S WORD FOR THEIR QUALIFICATIONS, ASK TO SEE THEM! There are so many con-artists out there looking to make a few quid from you rather than help you!

Another thing you can do to track your calorie output is to get a Fitbit or Apple watch that tracks your daily calorie expenditure, that way you can see what calories you are burning throughout your whole day and you can match your calories to suit.

I hope this helps anyone out who is currently on a weight loss journey and feels like they have hit the wall and can’t get over, through or around it. Keep working hard and dig deep and the results will come! But please remember:




Jamie Read

I spent 5 years working as an engineer before following my passion for food, nutrition and fitness. I now work as a fitness class instructor, personal trainer and study food science and nutrition at university.

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Jamie Read
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