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Why is female sexual health important? How can you improve your sexual health?

Sexual health is important and how it improves.

By Harbor Compounding pharmacyPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Sexuality is an important component of a woman’s body and life. Women’s bodies have the ability to feel pleasure and excitement physically. Sexuality depends upon different factors such as love, sexual life, affection, etc. These are important to maintain healthy relationships and healthy lifestyles. Despite all these positive features of sexuality, there are things such as moods, emotions, illnesses, consequences, and overall well-being that are being affected by it. People usually do not feel comfortable talking about female sexuality but you should know how important it is. Female sexual health is important to consider.

What does female sexual health mean and why is it important?

Female sexual health refers to the components that affect females’ sexual functioning and their ability to reproduce. It mentions a woman’s state of well-being that allows her to participate and enjoy any type of sexual activity. Female sexual health is all about how you comprehend your body and how your body works. Understanding your body is far more important than you may think. These components consist of emotional, mental and physical components. Multiple factors affect a female’s sexual health. They include emotional, mental, physical, social, interpersonal, etc, factors.

Good sexual health can help women to make better choices about sexual activities they might choose to have. Keeping this in view, women can decide either they should get pregnant or not. Female sexual and reproductive health is not only about the physical wellness of a woman, but it includes their right to maintain relationships that are healthy and differential, get availability to safe, accurate and affordable health services, efficacious and inexpensive methods of contraception, and better options and guidance for unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.

Most women believe that contraception is a very sensitive and important component of sexual health. It not only helps to avoid unwanted pregnancies but also sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases include gonorrhoea, human papillomavirus, genital herpes, syphilis, chlamydia, HIV/AIDS, etc. All this information enables them to acquire better ways to protect themselves and their partners from STIs.

Understanding your body in a better way helps you to become comfortable with your body and your sexual desires. It enables you to form healthy relationships with everyone. You learn to identify yourself and leave any type of unhealthy relationships that you might be in. You learn to detach yourself from abusive and violent relationships that leave adverse effects on your mental, emotional and physical health. Any kind of problems related to female sexual health not only affects her physical and emotional health but her relationships as well.

There are women who choose to never be sexually active or interested in any kind of information related to their sexual health. At the same time, there are women who explore their sexuality, sexual desires, sexual health at some point in their lives. It is important for women to have the freedom of sexually expressing themselves. It is a part of female sexual health as well.

Ways to improve your sexual health

As we all know, sex is a basic necessity of living things. Some women start thinking about it very early, maybe from the start of the years of puberty and keep thinking about it until they die. With sex, people form astonishing connections with their sex organs, glands that produce hormones, their brains, and other body parts. It helps them feel at peace. Good sex is always dependant on good sexual health. If anything related to female sexual health starts to malfunction, it may affect a woman’s ability to have sex or her desire for sex. Both the elements may get compromised if a woman has some problem with her sexual health.

Safe sex practices and good lifestyle routines are important for women to follow so that they can have good sexual and reproductive health that may include menstruation cycle, fertility, pregnancy, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, menopause, etc. Below are some of the methods that women can adopt in order to improve their sexual health:

● Keep yourself updated about all the latest sexual health practices.

● Get a thorough check-up regularly.

● Get regular cervical screening tests and tests for sexually transmitted diseases.

● Get yourself vaccinated against a virus such as human papillomavirus.

● Adopt effective methods of contraception.

● Always use protection while having sex.

● Take a diet that is rich in nutrients vital for enhancing female sexual health.

● Make it your habit to perform kegel exercises in the routine.

● Educate yourself more and more about female sexual health.

Following all the above-mentioned methods to enhance female sexual health can help women to achieve overall wellbeing.

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