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Why I quit Social Media

by Pallvi about a year ago in social media
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I decided to quit social media for 30 days and 30 days turned into 180 days. Read this for more why I have done this…

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I decided to take break from Social Media for 30 days. No Facebook tags, no Twitter notifications, no Instagram stories, nothing for 30 days. But I never thought that 30 days have turned into 180 days.

Quitting Social Media is the best thing I have done in this year

My main reason for quitting Social Media was to take break from people and focus more on myself. I wanted to know more about myself, mankind and see the real world. I was also fed up of the show-off in social media and watching others to do stuff that I wanted to do. It became my bad habit to compare my life with other's and I started complained about my life. I started feeling doubtful about myself. I questioned to myself about my worth and many more negative things started happening with me . So I decided to quit social media for a while (at least for a month).

For the first week it was hard to stop myself for not using social media. But for the second week I felt like not going to login the social media again for my entire life.

What happened in second week with me -

Realize the value of time -  I realized the value of time. Now I have got a lot of free time which I used to wasted on social media and now I have more time for myself and my hobbies. Now I am free from the judging world of social media so I do what I want to do without any interference.

More productive -  No Facebook tags, no Twitter notifications, no Instagram stories nothing is going to disturb me. So I feel like more productive in this period. I enjoy my music and cup of coffee. Now I think more about my life and start taking actions on my goals. Now I don't think about other people and their lives.

Beautiful people don't talk about other's life

Meet new folks -  After logging off from social media, I started to meet new people, going out with them and spend more time with them. Now I meet or call my close friends more often. In this way I started connecting with my friends more deeply. During this time I found my true friends. I came to know that the person who really cares about you, find a way to connect with you. Now I am dealing with real world and now I have started facing real life problems.

Offline world is so beautiful

Mental health- With logging off from social media I also logged off from toxic people from my life. It feels so good to remove toxic people from my life. Now I feel like breathing in a fresh air. Now I spend more time on meditating, doing yoga and self care. I feel good for myself.

After quitting social media for 30 days I have learnt so many things and enjoyed offline world so much, so I decided to not go to social media for next 150 days. In this way I had completely logged off from social media past 6 months. Now this is the second month of my re-login on social media. Reason for my re-login into social media was to learn new content and for my live session with yoga trainer. And now I use social media in a different form. Now I watch people's story but now I never compare their life with that of mine. Now I know my worth and now I know what I do and why. Quitting social media had cleared all my doubts about myself. It feels so good to deal with the real world. If you want to see the real difference and know about yourself, then I think you should quit social media for a week and see the real difference. And let me know your experience of quitting social media.

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