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When you are old, don't lose these 3 cards

When you are old

By davidPublished 2 years ago 8 min read

There is a classic line in "Gintama":

"When competing with each other, whoever shows his hole cards first is the loser, and the winner is the one who can save the trump card until the last moment."

We often think that only the first half of life is bitter, and after retirement, the years will be peaceful, and we no longer have to worry about bits and pieces, and we don’t have to be repeatedly scolded by life.

When I really retired and saw the coldness of reality, I finally realized that the old age was not a peaceful one, and there were also sufferings and misfortunes secretly at work.

Destiny will not be soft because you have gone through the long river of time. It all depends on what kind of cards you have in your hand, and then treats them differently.

In old age, don't miss these 3 cards, or misfortune will come.

The first hole card:

money, rich balance and more self-esteem

In the hit drama "Happiness to Ten Thousand Families", the cowardice and humbleness of the Wang family's parents made their teeth itch, especially their father Wang Youde.

Wang's family is a small household with the surname of Wanjiazhuang. Wang Youde and his wife have been farming all their lives, and their income is meager, so they can only behave carefully in the village.

His daughter-in-law, He Xingfu, wanted to improve the family’s economic situation and proposed to grow organic vegetables in a greenhouse. Wang Youde reluctantly took out his savings to build a greenhouse.

But just after they signed an agreement with the dealer to build a greenhouse, the village decided to requisition his family's land to build a sewage treatment plant.

When the village committee held a voting meeting, Wang Youde had thousands of reluctance in his heart, but he still raised his hand tremblingly in approval, because he had no money or power and did not dare to offend the village leaders.

The eldest son, Wang Qinglai, asked Secretary Wan to explain the situation in order to fight for compensation. The furious Secretary Wan kicked him and rolled around on the hospital bed.

Wang Youde rushed to the hospital with an angry face, but when he learned that his son was kicked by Wan Shuji, he dared not say that Wan Shuji was wrong, for fear that he would not be able to get compensation.

He Xingfu decided to file a lawsuit to protect his rights and seek justice for Wang Qinglai's beating. Wang Youde nodded in agreement at first. When the lawyer said that he needed 4,000 yuan in legal fees, Wang Youde hesitated. He also persuaded his son that he had recovered and there was no need pursue.

Even later, Wang Youde learned that his daughter's qualifications for college were replaced by Wan Shu's daughter.

Although he was distressed that his daughter missed the university, for the compensation of 300,000 yuan, he still gritted his teeth and persuaded his daughter to sign the reconciliation.

300,000 is the money Wang Youde could not earn from farming for decades. He needs this money for his retirement and his second son's marriage.

Wang Youde has been servile and submissive all his life, just because he is shy and has no trump card against others.

The wallet is dry, why is it hard?

Afraid of offending others and paying the price, afraid of losing everything if you are a little careless, afraid of life being precarious.

Happiness does not necessarily need money to buy, but misfortune is often born of money.

In the adult world, accumulating enough money will make the rest of your life less miserable and helpless. This is an undeniable fact.

The second hole card:

Health, good health is the trump card

In February of this year, Ming Jin Chenggang, a well-known Taiwanese director, died suddenly of a myocardial infarction at the age of 52.

Ming Jincheng met and fell in love with his wife in middle age. They only ushered in two small lives after many attempts.

Ming Jincheng loves his children and his wife very much, and has always been by his side to take care of them in every possible way. When he learned that his wife was pregnant, he also deliberately quit smoking and drinking, hoping to accompany the children to grow up healthy.

Who would have thought that Ming Jincheng went to another world without waiting for his wife and children to return home after a full moon.

In the face of disease, life is too fragile, without the protection of health, even if there are thousands of reluctance, death will never show mercy.

A few days ago, I received a call from my mother and learned that my aunt, who watched me grow up, was diagnosed with advanced gastric cancer.

I was a little stunned for a while, remembering that my aunt had just retired, and during the Chinese New Year, she said that she would go on a trip and want to see the beautiful mountains and rivers of the motherland.

In the first half of her life, my aunt ran around for the family, frugalizing food, leaving early and returning late every day. She seldom took leave after working for decades.

It is not uncommon for my aunt to forget to eat because of her work, and she went to the hospital several times because she was so hungry that she had a stomachache. She always thinks that she can work hard every day, and that when the child grows up, she will be able to retire with peace of mind.

But the aunt finally made it through until the children had their own families, and before they could enjoy the leisure of retirement and the happiness of their children and grandchildren around their knees, she was entangled by illness and became thinner and thinner.

We often think that life is very long and there is still a lot of time, but we ignore that the body cannot stand the toss and consumption.

Health needs "support" and cannot stand "rebellion". The more considerate and meticulous you are to it, the more gentle and smooth it will be to you.

In an article in the People's Daily, I read a very tear-jerking sentence:

We always run for too many unreachable things, but forget that the real happiness in life is nothing but the warmth of dim lights and the enrichment of firewood, rice, oil and salt.

This year, no matter how much or how little you make money, or experience good or bad things, remember that if you are healthy this year, it is the best year.

The hardest trump card in life is to be healthy and always healthy.

With a strong body, the arc of life will slowly lengthen, helping you achieve more expectations.

The third hole card:

Partner, husband and wife fit to live the rest of their lives

A netizen shared an interesting story about grandpa and grandma, which was funny and moving.

Grandpa has a pension to protect life, grandma does not.

Grandma wanted to be strong all her life and didn't want to be looked down upon by her grandfather, so she signed up for the community's sanitation team.

Because the sanitation team needs to work in the morning, grandma can't get up at all, so grandpa can only go to work for grandma every day.

Someone commented: "Because of grandpa's lifelong love, grandma couldn't get up in the morning."

Yes, it is difficult for a person to be alone for a lifetime. Someone loves you, pampers you, and loves you. It is a kind of happiness and a sense of security.

Before the writer Liang Xiaosheng met his wife Jiao Dan, he was introduced to several girls, but they were all scared off by Liang Xiaosheng's family burden.

When meeting with Jiao Dan, Liang Xiaosheng said bluntly as always:

"My family has a heavy burden, my parents are in poor health, and my brother is mentally ill. I have to send them money every month."

Jiao Dan not only did not dislike Liang Xiaosheng, but said firmly:

"I didn't expect it to be so difficult for you. The burden on your shoulders is so heavy, and you need someone to help you share it."

After they got married, in order to let Liang Xiaosheng create with peace of mind, Jiao Dan contracted all the housework by himself, as well as taking care of Liang Xiaosheng's parents and siblings.

Once, Liang Xiaosheng wrote the novel "Snow City" in the office, and he didn't go home for 5 days. Jiao Dan and his son were sick and didn't bother him.

A reporter wanted to interview Liang Xiaosheng, and when he found his home, Jiao Dan specifically told the reporter not to tell Liang Xiaosheng.

When the reporter saw Liang Xiaosheng, he couldn't help but say it. Liang Xiaosheng hurried home and sent Jiao Dan and his son to the hospital.

Liang Xiaosheng was not very good at cooking, so he clumsily cooked two bowls of tomato and egg noodles. Although the taste was not very good, Jiao Dan enjoyed it with relish.

It is precisely because Jiao Dan and Liang Xiaosheng have been together for 40 years that Liang Xiaosheng can create with peace of mind. This is the warmth and fulfillment of marriage.

Bi Shumin says:

"A good man and a good woman have two hearts, but only one idea in the days of adversity together - to move forward together through thick and thin."

The quality of a partner does not depend on whether the three views are the same, but on whether the soul matches.

The happiness of marriage does not depend on whether the family is rich, but on whether they can move forward with one heart.

Whenever the heart is warm, life is warm, and having a compatible partner by your side is the key to warmth for the rest of your life.

The meaning of marriage is that someone is willing to walk with you hand in hand, clean up the mess after the storm, and witness the prosperous scene of the highlight moment together.

In the long road of life, we have lost a lot of things while walking, and have also picked up some things.

But not everything has a chance to regain it. If you lose your trump card, you can only be ruthlessly tricked by fate.

Money is the foundation of life; health is the foundation of moving forward; a partner is a heart-warming password.

Life is a series, rich trump cards need to be constantly accumulated, and more rationality and sobriety in youth can bring peace and security in old age.


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