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Weight Loss: How Much Water To Drink

by MUHAMMAD AZRI ASYRAF MOHD ZAHARI 2 months ago in health
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Get moving. Being physically active can help since it makes you sweat. "As your heart rate goes up, you will circulate blood flow around the body and reduce fluid buildup in your legs and feet," says Planells. Note that you will need to replenish some of the fluids lost during your workout.

Weight Loss: How Much Water To Drink
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Drink plenty of water to lose weight.

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What you do in the morning plays a huge impact on your weight loss regime. When you are trying to lose weight, your morning rituals are extremely important. And you have to be even more careful in case you want to shed belly fat - it is a tad bit difficult to shed weight from this part of the body! At times, you might be going right in every aspect. You might be eating healthy, exercising regularly and sleeping well. But there are some basic habits which can ruin all of your hard work. However, you are not alone in this. Many people remain in a state of confusion as to why they are unable to lose weight despite all their efforts.

Water is essential for weight loss.

Water can help you to lose weight. It is calorie-free, it suppresses appetite if you take it before eating, and it even helps your body burn more calories. However, you should do more than just drink water if you want to shed off a significant amount of weight. If we equate weight loss to a puzzle, then water is just a piece, and you need other pieces like physical exercise and dietary changes to complete the puzzle.

When we think of losing weight, our minds often go to dietary changes and physical exercise. And yes, these two are crucial elements in a weight-loss journey. However, there's another equally important and often ignored element — the amount of water you should drink.

Water is a crucial component of our overall health — after all, we need it to survive. But while drinking water can help you achieve your weight loss goals indirectly by reducing your caloric intake or speeding up your metabolism, you can’t simply drink your way to a lower number on the scale.

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Drink right water

You see, everything started in 2004 when a group of scientists, recognized as the world's best water scientists, researchers and authors, figured out that...

Both tap and bottled water are in fact, "dead" or "lifeless" waters that don't really help our body function efficiently!

This is because "lifeless" water needs to be revitalized by your body in order to be used, and this process uses a lot of energy!

"Living" water - which is found in springs or deep wells, can easily enter our cells, and can support your health and longevity.

According to their studies, the major problem today is that...

Natural water that is stored in pools for long periods of time, then transported for hundreds of miles and processed... to become "safe" for drinking, eventually turns into "dead" water, that has no minerals and no energy.

Tap water and bottled water must then be restructured and revitalized by your body in order to be used… and this process uses a lot of your body's energy resources!

In one of their studies in which they reveal how the quality of water influences the body they explain that…

"The most important feature of living water is its perfect hexagonal structure!"

Take a look at the images below made under a microscope...

You can clearly see the difference between "dead" and "living" water in terms of their molecular structure!

"Dead" water (left), the kind of water 99% of the people in the Western world are drinking daily, it's made from large pentagonal molecular clusters, which remain disordered even when the water begins to freeze.

This dead water makes your body use a lot of energy in order to process and use it.

"Living" water (right) - has crystalline, hexagonal clusters, even in its liquid form, and they become more and more evident as the water approaches the freezing point.

According to their studies, "living" water, resembles perfectly, in terms of its molecular structure, to the water found inside and around the cells of your body...

Thus, it is instantly absorbed by your cells and re-charges your vitality and increases oxygen supply in your cells, helping your body regain its natural balance.

These same studies reveal that...

"The Structure of the Water You Are Drinking Can Drastically Influence Your Health!"

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