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We need to talk about Mental health

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By AD AshPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
We need to talk about Mental health
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Last week I saw on television that one of the USA’s best gymnasts takes a withdrawal from Tokyo Olympics 2020. Confronting her mental health is the reason she takes withdrawal. In the past couple of months, we see a lot of great sports personalities take the withdrawal regarding mental health issues. But the sad reality is that instead of supporting people are getting furious with these athletes. We need to understand that they are also a human, not some kind of superhero. I know it’s devastating when someone you love to watch had to leave because of this issue. Athletes are physically very strong than any other normal person. They do countless workouts to be in shape and maintain their physical strength to compete.

But just because they’re athletes it doesn’t mean that they are emotionless. I notice don’t know how many times that people had a dogma of beliefs. For example, if you are men, you have no right to cry, or if you are a woman, you don’t do the kind of work that men do. Where is equality?

The reality is, we’re hypocritical. We don’t stick to one sense of believing, what we do is to change our ideology in terms of other’s opinions. I know as a human, We always do differentiate between individuals. But is that right to criticize someone who is already suffering. We need to find out how much people care about mental health in sports. To begin with, We need to acknowledge mental health.

Mental health

What is mental health? Mental health touches on human behavior in terms of emotions and psychology. People who care about mental health generally live a very positive and happy healthy life. Practicing mental health gave them the ability to deals with day-to-day life troubles. Psychology says that the mental health of an individual usually depends on a bunch of aspects, Like life incidence or maybe genetics in some cases.

The people who do practice mental health are broadly follow these habits:

  • Being positive all the time: what is great about these people is that, they are always being positive in terms of situations.
  • They are mostly in action: We often notice that the people who take stress are generally not very active, but some people are. They are active because of their mental toughness.
  • Gave always the good advice: I personally think that when we are in anger then, we take a lot of bad decisions. And we get furious about everything. But these people are always advising you to calm.
  • Care about sleep to be active: If you ever want to be productive or stress-free then, you have to take a good sleep.
  • Avoid junk food: A good diet always matters, take a good meal is very important in any aspect not just in mental health.

Mental illness or Mental health problems

Mental illness is not like any other illness Perhaps, it’s extremely complexed. Most of the time individual who is suffering doesn’t understand that he or she has a mental illness. Mental illness

Occur due to various reasons, we can’t particularly explain the cause of it. Psychiatrists observe that most mental illness happens because of tremendous pressure. Likewise; work pressure, worrying, bad workspace. These are some primary reasons that cause rumination. Rumination is a phase of repeating one thought, again and again, that causes overthinking. We experience overthinking on a daily basis in a minor form. When someone like a Sports athlete is experiencing rumination, they get more pressure than before which causes mental illness on them.

Mental illness can occur in various kinds of from, but these are some basic among all humans:

  • In genetics
  • Surroundings
  • Habits
  • Pessimism
  • Biological

These are some basic regarding mental health issues. As I said before mental health is a very complex topic to understand. If we dig some deeper into it, we found endless descriptions regarding mental health.

Conclusion: Mental health is an extremely important topic to be aware of. We need to talk about mental health to our family & friends. We need to support our athletes too. Mental health is real and mental try to help those who are already suffering.

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