Understanding the Different Types of Sports Training

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How to Compare Sports Training Programs and Facilities

Understanding the Different Types of Sports Training
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Understanding the Different Types of Sports Training

Interested in sports training but not sure what itís all about? Itís important to know that sports training is for athletes and non-athletes alike. You donít have to be Tim Tebow in the off season to benefit from sports training. In fact, children and adults of all skills and abilities can learn, grow, and improve their fitness by joining a sports training facility. First, letís take a look at the different types of sports training.

Sports Training for Children

Some children are born with a natural athletic ability. Others need to spend some time working on their coordination and confidence. Both groups of children can improve with sports training. While each facility is different, hereís a range of what you can find.

Introductory ñ The entry level programs for children generally focus on sportsmanship, work ethic, coordination, athleticism and generating a positive and healthy approach to fitness, competition, and life.

Intermediate ñ Intermediate programs take it to the next level and focus on skill improvement including endurance, speed, mobility, balance, and strength. This level can be used to help a child improve their physical confidence and abilities and also prepare them for competitive sports.

Advanced and competitive ñ At this level a child is generally involved in competitive sports. It continues to help children boost their overall work ethic, sportsmanship, and confidence while focusing on the childís athletic goals. It can be a good way to stay in shape during the childís off season.

Sports Training for Adults

As mentioned, you donít have to be a competitive athlete to get value from sports training. Hereís what a local facility may have to offer:

Boot camps ñ Boot camps are a fun way to get a whole body workout. You can see fabulous results over the course of a 6-8 week boot camp. Itís a great method for kick-starting a fitness program or getting over that weight loss or fitness plateau.

Personal training - Want to achieve a new personal record in your sport of choice but not sure how to get there? Personal training can give you the dedicated focus and strategy you need. Or if youíre struggling to get over a plateau in your fitness or weight loss plan, personal training can be the advantage youíve been looking for.

Non-competitive athletes ñ Millions of people participate in sports they love without ever earning any medal or place on the podium. They do it because they love it. Whether you enjoy running or tennis, softball or cyclocross, sports training can help you take your fitness to the next level.

Finally, if you are a competitive athlete then sports training has a place for you. From collegiate to elite professional sports, there are resources at a training facility that can help you further your professional career.

How to Compare Sports Training Programs and Facilities

So youíre interested in sports training. Due to the growing popularity of sports training, a number of facilities are popping up around the country. It is very likely that you have a few sports training facilities to choose from. This is good news. It gives you an opportunity to compare facilities and programs and find the one that is right for you or your loved one.

Staff, Mission, and Vision

The people that own, operate and provide the services are the foundation of any good facility. They can have all the high-tech equipment in the world; however, if their staff isnít highly skilled and professional then itís not the right place. When comparing facilities, take a look at the mission and vision of the facility. What do they stand for and how does their staff back it up?

Youíll also want to look at the experience and credentials of the staff members youíll be working with. Itís important to respect and trust your trainers. Itís also important that they are professional and treat you with the consideration and respect you deserve. Speak to trainers and staff. Do you get a good feeling from them? Talk to other members; do they rave about the staff? Does the personality of the company match the personality and approach youíre looking for?


Okay, because youíre probably super excited to get your hands on all of the fun athletic equipment, itís also a good idea to compare offerings. Do they have the equipment you need and want to achieve your fitness goals? Do they have top of the line strength training, plyometrics, and endurance equipment and resources? A free trial will help you explore a facilityís equipment.

Extras and Perks

Do you need or want nutritional guidance? Do you want to have access to physical therapists? Do you need the resources a sports medicine staff can provide? Explore the added features that your local facilities have to offer.


Finally, does the facility provide the programs that you need to achieve your fitness and athletic goals? Some sports training facilities have a focus on athletes. Others provide training options for everyone who is interested in getting in better shape.

Some facilities focus on assisting children in their athletic pursuits, while others appeal to people of all ages. Do you want a boot camp or personal training opportunity, or are you looking for sports-specific training? Make sure your facility provides the programs and options youíre seeking.

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