Types of Spine Surgery And Treatments In India

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The spinal cord and the spine pair to become one of the most vital skeletal and neurological structures of the human body

Types of Spine Surgery And Treatments In India

People complaining regarding spinal issues are rapidly rising all around the world. Especially elderly people face various complications related to the spine and spinal cord. The spinal cord and the spine pair to become one of the most vital skeletal and neurological structures of the human body. As per the research conducted by spine surgery hospitals in India, this skeletal structure undergoes various severe clinical difficulties. Usually, a spine can have a tumor, undergo a fracture, or can bend oddly. These clinical difficulties necessitate surgeries of diverse procedures. Spine surgery treatment in India is not new. As per surgeons in India, some of the most common spine surgery procedures are as under:

1. Artificial Spine Lumbar Disc Replacement

When the patient undergoes acute back pain in the lumbar section of the spine which is positioned between the pelvis and the rib cage because of damaged spinal discs, artificial Spine Lumbar Disc Replacement is performed. On the failure of other treatments to deliver the desired results, this surgery is performed on the patient.

2. Cervical Spine Surgery

The join which joins the skull to the body is known as the cervical spine which we commonly call it neck. Cervical spine surgery is generally done when the patient struggles with arthritis, cervical disc disease, and acute neck pain which can cause numbness in the adjoining areas because of muscle spasms in the neck.

3. Spine Decompression or Lumbar Laminectomy for Spine

The procedure through which nerve impingement in the lumbar section of the spine is relieved is known as Lumbar laminectomy also popular as spine decompression mostly done on older people. When the patient undergoes spinal stenosis, this surgery is done.

4. Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery is the latest medical innovation, unlike traditional spinal surgeries that involved long incisions and painful recovery. Now the patient can experience negligible muscle damage and quick recovery by adopting the technique of minimally invasive spine surgery. The surgical procedure of spinal fusion is implemented Degenerative Disc Disease

● Herniated Disc

● Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

● Scoliosis

● Spinal infections

● Spinal Instability

● Vertebral compression fractures

● Spinal tumor

5. Spinal Fusion

To join two or more vertebrae of the spine the surgical procedure of spinal fusion is applied. It is also popular as spondylodesis. The surgical procedure of spinal fusion is recommended under the following circumstances.

● Degenerative disc disease

● Spinal disc herniation

● Discogenic pain

● Spinal tumor

● Vertebral fracture

● Scoliosis

● Kyphosis

● Spondylolisthesis

● Spondylosis

● Posterior Rami Syndrome

6. Spinal Decompression

The surgical procedures performed to relieve pain caused by compression of the spinal nerves is known as Spinal decompression surgery. Spinal decompression is recommended under the following scenarios;

● Spinal Stenosis

● Sciatica or Slipped Disc

● Spinal Injuries or Fracture

● Metastatic spinal cord compression

7. Spine Tumour Surgery

A tumor in the spine causes plenty of problems that compress the spinal nerves and exert enough pressure to make spinal fractures. Subject to the type of tumor and location of the tumor in the spine surgery of a spinal tumor is performed. When the tumor is malignant a spine tumor surgery is performed. Also, when the benign tumors grow in size and affect the spine poorly spine tumor surgery is performed

8. Spine Osteotomy

To correct spine deformities and restore balance, spine osteotomy surgery is performed. This surgery is often used as a part of spinal reconstruction surgery. When the patient does not get the expected relief from medication and other non-surgical treatments, the patient has to undergo the spine osteotomy. If a spine deformity is not treated it may cause a lot of pain along with other symptoms.

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