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Treatment of early awakening insomnia

by Mary Hobbs 14 days ago in health
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Early-wake insomnia recovers itself

There are several forms of insomnia, in addition to the most common can not sleep, there is no matter how late to sleep, the next day very early wake up can not sleep, this situation is called early wake up insomnia, so early wake up insomnia how to recover? Now let's look at some treatments for early wake insomnia.

Treatment of early awakening insomnia

Can be adjusted by the following methods: first, moderate aerobic exercise; Second, do not drink stimulating drinks before going to bed; Third, early attention to find and eliminate insomnia; Fourth, relax the mood, and emotional control; Fifth, try to avoid overeating before going to bed; Sixth, maintain extreme physical and mental relaxation.

Treatment of early wakeup insomnia: early wakeup insomnia is self-restoring

First, moderate aerobic exercise

Proper exercise means that you feel happy and not tired after exercise. Do 30 minutes of melodious exercise 6 hours before bedtime. Be careful not to exercise too close to bedtime. It's best to walk briskly for 30 minutes, then walk home slowly, and soak your feet in hot water (over the back of your feet) to help you sleep. People with the poor constitution are suitable for Tai chi, Qigong, walking and other gentle exercises.

Second, don't drink stimulating drinks before bed

People prone to insomnia should avoid drinking or eating caffeinated drinks or foods 6 to 8 hours before bed, and watch your intake of coffee, tea, chocolate, cola drinks, and caffeinated drugs.

Treatment of early wakeup insomnia: early wakeup insomnia is self-restoring

Third, early attention to find and eliminate insomnia

Insomnia is caused by many factors, environmental, psychological, medical, and other factors, find out the cause of insomnia, and timely treatment of insomnia.

Fourth, relax the mood, and emotional control

Emotional calm, don't let anxiety and anger, and annoyance avoid distractions, muscle tension or brain activity, unable to sleep. Listen to some soft music or chat, with family, reduce inner thoughts.

Fifth, try to avoid overeating before bed

Small amounts of carbohydrates like cookies, pasta, or bread can help you fall asleep. Carbohydrates increase serum tension in the brain's blood, a chemical that induces sleep. Also, reduce the amount of water you drink a few hours before bed to reduce the number of times you have to wake up and use the bathroom.

Sixth, maintain extreme physical and mental relaxation

Take a walk, relax your mind, go to bed, take a bath, or hot soak your feet, create a quiet, comfortable, light to moderate, fresh air, conducive to the patient's sleep environment, sleep.

Early-wake insomnia recovers itself

Treatment of early wakeup insomnia: early wakeup insomnia is self-restoring

First, appropriate physical exercise: appropriate physical exercise, can also treat insomnia. Patients can do it every week, 2 hours each time, or walk 30 minutes, 3 times a week, which can increase the blood oxygen supply to the brain, insomnia will naturally slip away, or early, late easy brisk, walk for 30 minutes.

Two, to ensure a good sleep environment: sleep is good or bad, and sleep environment is closely related. Sleep soundly at a temperature of 15 to 24 degrees. In winter, the smoke left by smoking after closing the window, as well as missing the incomplete combustion of gas, will also make people unable to sleep. In the emission of high frequency ionizing electromagnetic radiation near the source of living, long-term sleep is not caused by their own disease, it is best to migrate to live far away.

Three, the treatment of insomnia massage method: the treatment of insomnia can also use the massage method, this method of insomnia treatment effect is very good. When you feel rather tired, don't rush to sleep, give yourself a beauty massage. Under the beautician's light fingers, your mind will relax with the muscles of your face. A two-hour massage is usually more relaxing than just going to sleep.

Four, insomnia suggestion method: this is an effective way to treat insomnia, the use of the suggested method to treat insomnia, is to let the body and mind relax, lying on the bed, and hint yourself, from the beginning to relax to the neck, to the shoulder: My arms relaxed, legs relaxed, head relaxed, I will fall asleep, at this time only know that they are alive, where the hands and feet have no feeling, to achieve real relaxation. Psychological counseling: can only be a temporary psychological relief. For mild patients, it can be relieved to a certain extent, but it is easy to relapse. The treatment of patients is not effective. Drug therapy: it is a common method that can temporarily relieve the symptoms of patients, but it can not cure the cause of the disease. Long-term use will not only lead to dependence and addiction but also damage the liver and kidney function of the body. It's better to regulate your sleep through self-adjustment


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