Tomorrow Never Comes

Procrastination and Your Health

Tomorrow Never Comes

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” It is one of the most famous quotes in the world, yet it is one we so easily forget. Humans are masters of excuses and procrastination. It can become so easy to sit back and say, “Oh, I can just get to it tomorrow.” However, when you fall into that habit, it is easy for “tomorrow” to never come.

This is even more for health and fitness. Being unhealthy is easy. It doesn’t take a lot of effort or energy to sit in front of the TV and eat potato chips. However, getting up and doing a workout, cooking a healthy meal, and planning out a weeks’ worth of breakfasts and lunches can take a lot of work and motivation. Because of that, it is super easy to put it off. When the weather is bad, it is easy to say you will just do more of a workout the next day. After a long day of work, stopping through a drive through looks enticing instead of having to spend nearly an hour prepping and making dinner.

However, the longer we put it off, the worse we get. Not only does it become easier to not do the things we need to do, it becomes more difficult on us when we do get back to it. When your body grows used to a sedentary life, working out can make you winded and sore for days, if not weeks, once you start back to it. Likewise, when your body becomes used to junk food and sugar, it will rebel against the healthy food. Most of us know how difficult it is to suffer through a caffeine headache. Sugar withdrawal can be just as challenging.

The best way to avoid falling into a rut with your health is to stop saying you will do it tomorrow. When you give in and simply do the work, you will make it a habit that feels bad to break. It takes time. No change happens overnight. However, with time, it will become easier and easier. You will soon find yourself pushing for more.

Achieving a habit is no small feat either. It takes nearly a month of sticking to a routine for it to sink into your brain. During that time, it is imperative that you push yourself to stick with it every day. To help keep you on track with your health, put reminders in your phone, set alarms, and pencil in workouts to your daily schedule. So often, the biggest excuse for not working out is being too busy. However, if you have time to catch up on your favorite show, then you have time to work out.

Another thing I have found to be helpful is getting involved with fitness groups. For me personally, I joined Beachbody, and participate in challenge groups through them. They have a low-cost streaming program with tons of workouts to keep you from getting bored, and the coaches are supportive yet tough. This group has been a huge help to my overall fitness goals. However, there are many more. Facebook and other social media sites are loaded up with groups for people looking to transform into a happier healthier them. YouTube also provides an awesome way for you to get fit at home. There is no need for a gym membership. However, if it is something which helps, stick to it.

The same is true for food. If you have trouble with eating healthy because you are on the go, then plan healthy crock pot meals. That way, when you are rushing home from work, you don’t get tempted by fast food. On your day off, make breakfast and lunch meals which can easily be taken on the go. If you have the right tools, you won’t go searching for the easy way out.

What this all boils down to is if you plan to succeed, you will. If you make excuses and put off for another day, you will never accomplish your goals. Trust me, I have been there too. It is still a daily struggle for me to get up and do my workout. But, when I do it, I feel better for it. Now it is time for you to do the same. Make the changes, stick to them, and believe you can achieve greatness, and you will find the happy, healthy life you have been dreaming of.

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