Tips for Staying Energized During the Day

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If you are ready to put down the caffeine (or at least cutback), read on to find tips to stay invigorated throughout your day.

Tips for Staying Energized During the Day
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Whether you work in an office, are a stay-at-home mom, interact with customers or brave the graveyard shift, there is a point in your day where you hit a wall and struggle to stay focused. Rather than reaching for that fifth cup of coffee, it might be time to consider some alternative solutions for staying energized and motivated throughout the day. If you are ready to put down the caffeine (or at least cutback), read on to find tips to stay invigorated throughout your day.

Get Your Nutrients

Having a proper intake of nutrients is important for your physical and mental stamina. Make sure you are starting each day off with a breakfast that includes protein to help you stay full longer. Breakfast does not have to be large or elaborate but it is important to get something in your stomach since you likely have not eaten for a while. Follow your meal with vitamins to ensure you get a balance of minerals. A dietary supplement, such as Morning Complete, is a simple and delicious way to get nutrients, as well as promote optimal functioning of your body’s systems. You can also choose activated you Morning Complete offer to save money on your purchase of one or multiple jars. Fill your bottle with water, add a scoop of Morning Complete and mix. This is an excellent way to get your nutritional intake when you are on the go.

Take a Walk

If your job requires you to sit at a desk all day, taking brief walk breaks is not only beneficial for clearing your mind but important for staying healthy. Take a few minutes each hour to get up, stretch and walk. If you work in an office, find a walking buddy and walk down the halls or go outside and do a lap around the building. If you work from home, walk up and down the block a couple times or take your dog out back and walk while you play fetch. If the weather is bad, simply walk around inside your home a few times. Moving around and a change of scenery will break up your day and get the juices flowing.

Count Your Blessings

Whether from your job, family or life’s daily errands, life gets stressful and often that stress becomes our focus. Stress not only prevents you from being productive but also steals your joy. Do not let it! Create a list of people, places and things you are thankful for. If you have an artistic side, get creative; use stickers, markers and jewels to decorate your list. Then put it somewhere you will see often, such as a planner or frame it by your desk. Another option is to keep an ongoing list, something as simple as a whiteboard or piece of paper in your notebook. When you notice yourself getting anxious, read your list. Taking this small step back and refocusing your energy on things you are grateful for can make a huge difference in your day.

Create a Playlist

Take some time to create a couple playlists to keep you motivated throughout the day. If you are working on something simple that does not require a lot of concentration, use a playlist with upbeat music to keep you energized. If you are working on something that requires more focus, create a softer playlist so you will not get distracted. Instrumental songs are a great addition for this kind of work. If you find yourself getting sleepy, take a break and play one or two of your favorite songs to wake up. Just make sure you have a set of headphones on if you work close to others.

Sometimes days will seem very repetitive, while other times consistency would be a nice change. Whichever day you are experiencing, do not let outside distractions and stresses prevent you from being productive. Following the above list can keep your mind clear, sharp and driven to tackle your day.

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