Tips for Getting the Best Sleep Ever

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How to get the best sleep of your life!

Tips for Getting the Best Sleep Ever

The war against exhaustion is being waged in many households across the country. With people pulled in multiple directions—and attempting to balance work, home, and health—stress and anxiety continue to rise exponentially. People wake with little-to-no sleep day in and day out, and continue to wonder why they don’t have the energy or brainpower to get everything done on their list. If you find yourself in this type of pattern, you may want to start by changing your habits to get more sleep. Look at some of these tips and tricks, to help get a more restful night.

Practice Consistency

Too many people find themselves staying up later and later, yet trying to wake at the same time. Many practice the thought that they’ll catch up on sleep during the weekend. This results in even later bedtimes on Friday and Saturday, but later waking times during these same two days. One thing scientists advocate for is setting a consistent sleep and wake schedule, if possible. If you need to be up by 6:00 AM, try to get up around that same time on the weekends. Likewise, going to bed around the same time every night will help to set a rhythm that your body will automatically start syncing to. This helps your brain get into a regular pattern of shutting down every evening.

Establish Healthy Routines

Along with keeping your sleep time consistent, you may want to try and establish routines at night and in the morning. Doing the same type of things around going to bed and then waking can also kick your body into sleep or wake mode. For example, if you like to go to bed after showering, make that the last thing you do in the evening. Washing your face may be the signal you can give your body that it is time to wind down and sleep. In the mornings, starting with a few minutes of stretching or meditation can have benefits for both your body and mind.

Stay Away From Triggers

Some things can trigger your adrenaline closer to bedtime. This cycle keeps your body pumping and in a wakeful state, instead of allowing it to relax and sink into slumber. One of the biggest triggers is caffeine. Drinking a caffeinated beverage within a couple of hours of going to bed can have detrimental effects on your sleep health. Another wildly popular and equally poor choice at bedtime is scrolling through your phone. Aside from the light emitted by the screen, the activity of reading can stimulate your brain to think instead of shut down. Set a time to shut the screens off for the evening.

Create a Bedroom Retreat

No, you do not need to invest in a bedroom makeover to achieve this goal. You merely need to decide what type of environment works best, to stimulate rest and relaxation. Specific color schemes have been proven to help the brain to wind down, while others have proven to do the opposite. The type of bedding is also integral to the sleep process. If your bed is old, lumpy, or hard and uncomfortable, you may want to invest in an upgrade. When the budget can’t take that kind of hit, then look at investing in a mattress pad vs topper, to improve comfort. Typically, mattress pads are thin, and meant to help maintain the integrity of the bed. A topper is intended to add height and support to an otherwise uncomfortable situation.

The Right Temperature May Be the Difference

Do you jump into bed and get under a few blankets? During the night, do you find yourself untangling yourself from the same blankets? Many people don’t realize that the ambient temperature of their bedroom climbs through the night, as does yours. The body sheds heat at night, and while you may go to bed cold, your body quickly warms up. It is best, therefore, to set your thermostat cooler in the evening.

Sleeping well is vital to having a happy, healthy, and productive life. Making a few changes may mean all the difference to your internal system.

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Kari Oakley
Kari Oakley
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